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25 Things About Me

If you’re on Facebook you’ve likely seen this meme being passed around. I don’t typically do these because I’m lazy, and people know WAY more than they should about me already. But, I had some time to kill between classes so I did.

I’m posting it here too because dammit I spent twenty freaking minutes writing out this list.

1- I once dropped out of an ethics class because a midget sat behind me.

2- I prefer my coffee cold no matter the weather.

3- I’m the most unorganized person I know.

4- I group my candy by colors before eating it.

5- It’s difficult for me to remember to wear underwear.

6- When the weather is cold one of my knuckle’s hurts. I blame Kyle Judd for stepping on it in fifth grade. I have not forgiven him.

7- I can hold a grudge like no other. See above.

8- The last time I cooked a full meal was 2003.

9- I still wear the same pair of Converse shoes I had in high school.

10- I feel completely inadequate 70% of the time.

11- I think it hurts to wake up.

12- The hotter the weather is the better. I thrive in sunshine.

13- I leave the ‘s’ off words that should have it, and tack it on to words that shouldn’t. This drives RLO crazy.

14- I want to have a child someday, but worry I’m far to selfish to be a mother.

15- I go crazy if my toenails aren’t painted.

16- Sometimes when I’m reading a really good book I skip the last chapter so the characters stay alive in my mind forever.

17- I hate white wine.

18- My mother is right about my life far more often than I like to admit.

19- I hate autism more than any disease.

20- The term Spinal Bifida makes me giggle.

21- I’m proof that CPR saves lives.

22- I check my email obsessively.

23- I’m attracted to men with brown hair and blue eyes because of my Frank Sinatra obsession.

24- I hate when men wear any sort of jewelry.

25- I once broke up with someone because they read Tom Clancy.


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