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A Comparison


Rlo, being the good BFF he is, came over to fix my bike today.  I left it out all winter and it needed a lot of tender loving care that only Rlo has the patience for.

Daisy was outside with us, and she started chasing her tail as she often does when she’s excited about something.  Rlo takes one look at her and asks, “Sometime you’re going to have to explain the appeal of being a dog owner.  I don’t get it.”  Now let me just say that Rlo doesn’t hate all dogs, he just hates Daisy.  He’s obviously a horrible person.

I thought about it for a second and came up with the perfect comparison.  “Daisy for me is like Jesus for you.  You don’t understand why I care so much about Daisy, and I sure as hell don’t understand why you care so much about Jesus.”

Rlo shook his head in agreement, and said, “Yeah, at times both keep us from doing things we really want to do.  We always have to stop and think about the consequences.”

“Yup,” I say.  “Daisy and Jesus are practically the same thing.”


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