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A Divorce in the Family

Saturday night Ben and I went to my uncle’s house for a family dinner.  Since it was a birthday dinner I knew there’d be cake, so we actually arrived on time.  The things the Nielson kids do for cake is ridiculous.

My uncle overheard Ben and I trying to figure out a time to go buy a scooter helmet.

Uncle: “You’re not riding with a helmet, Sarah?”

Me: “Not yet, but I’m driving really, really slow if that counts for anything.”

Uncle: “If you were my daughter I’d divorce you right now.”

Me: “You can divorce me all you want, but I would still show up for dinner.  You cannot get rid of me.  My dad’s been trying for over thirty years without any success.”

Everyone looks over to my dad and he nods in agreement, “You can’t get rid of this one, she’s here to stay.”  The sparkle in his eyes told me he was happy I wasn’t going anywhere.


  • Awww, ain’t family grand?

  • Suger booger,

    hmmmmmm Cake. Yummers. I hope you had it all AND had your cake too.

    RE: your comment on http://jlarkran.blogspot.com/

    Keith and I both painted a picture, agreeing on colors. We then cut up the pictures into 2×2 squares and randomly glued them together on canvas. Turned out great I thought. I’m thinking about making you a pink one.

    Love you.

  • That’s the sweetest ‘Dad’ story I’ve heard. Love it.

  • Jen and I tagteamed your comment box,commented at the same time, miles and miles away from eachother. We’re just cool like that. Thats how we roll. Yo. You’re so loved. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • This is for JEFFERY….

    I looked at the piece of Art on your blog. Very cool. Are you willing to share how you did it?

    My email… beaches369@aol.com

    Thank you so much.


  • That is so sweet!

    This September would’ve been my dad’s 66th bday and it’ll be the
    11th anniversay of his death.

    You are SO lucky to have your dad to stalk! Um, I mean love..

    Oh, and Cake!

    I eat cake for breakfast on occassion. Thinking I should actually make it a Monday morning tradition. I mean really, what better way to wake up?

    well, unless there’s sex.

    I digress.

  • Greetings!

    I, unfortunately, enjoyed this post less than others of recent age. Far too little references to Trolls, Cakes, or foul language.

    Grade: C-

  • This may be off topic but my eyes see “Trollpop Janglestein” and my dyslexic brain reads “TROLLOP Janglestein”. Which is too bad because the word “trollop” makes me giggle. Oh what a difference one letter makes.

  • It’s always okay to be your Dad’s little girl – even when you’re over 40, like me. It rocks.

  • That little story there – almost brought a tear to my eye. Something about family and the bond that cannot be broken.

  • I find it ironic that on the 14 year anniversary of my own father’s death you post such a sweet comment about your own father. Treasure these moments as they are the best!

    Didn’t mean to be morose, but had to comment. Plus, I love reading your blog and I’m one of the churchy girls! I’ve share your blog with all of my friends, churchy and nonchurchy and they think you are hilarious! Keep it up as you have a dedicated following, not that you didn’t already know that.

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