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A Father's Love

My dad and I have a very strained relationship. Our personalities are far too similar causing us to fight more often than not. We are stubborn and sharp tongued, which is a deadly and hurtful combination.

After having some car troubles, yesterday, I sucked it up and called him for help. We discussed all the problems my car could be having and then he asked about school. I did something I don’t EVER do with him… I opened up. I expressed my academic fears and frustrations. He listened and offered some sound advice. There were no lectures. None. He could have easily told me to be smarter, or study harder, but he didn’t. This behavior is very uncharacteristic on both of our parts.

We ended our conversation and then something magical happened, he told me he loved me. I know he loves me, but I haven’t heard him vocalize that love since I was a young child. We hung up, and as I set the phone down I started to cry. For once my tears were tears of happiness.

This is the most progress my dad and I have made in decades. And suddenly I don’t care if I pass the troublesome class or not—the important thing is that my education brought my dad and I together, if only for a moment. That alone is worth every single cent of my tuition.


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