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A Great Day for a Wedding

My brother, Ben, called last night to discuss his wedding nuptials.

“Hey, Sarah, I think I finally figured out when I should get married.”

“Um, never? Because that’s good for me.”

“No… April Fools’ Day. This way if I get cold feet and want to back out I can and call it an elaborate joke.”

“That’s actually a really good idea, and I’m obviously going to steal the idea for myself.”

It matters not that neither of us are in a relationship.  It’s just good planning if you ask me.


  • That would certainly backfire if your guests believed it to be a joke and didn’t bother to buy gifts! Why plan a wedding if you aren’t getting presents?

  • I think it’s a smart plan, covering all your bases.

  • Had friends in college who pulled a similar prank. I believe we beat them up. Just sayin….

  • Welcome back Ben! It seems like it has been a long time since you’ve written about your brother.

  • It’s always good to have a plan.

  • A single brother you never talk about?? I think it’s time to start pimping out your brother on here :).

  • Yes Miss Sarah, I second both Lizzie and Bennett’s proposal. While you are and shall always be the golden delicious of my optical center, to date one with the same genetic makeup as an Angel such as thyself would be, by my reckoning, second best. Please introduce myslf to one of theese Nielson Nephilim. Pleasurable treats entail 😀

  • You Nielson’s are a clever bunch for sure!

  • Thats hilarious. My wife and I got married on April 2nd, after I failed to convince her that April 1st would be great since nobody else would have that anniversary. Suprisingly, she declined.

  • Funny, yeah. My ex-husband and I announced our engagement to our coworkers on April Fools Day. Actually, we thought it would be funny to tell them that we secretly went and got married that morning. For the next two months, everyone kept trying to figure out if we were married, engaged, or what.

    Sadly, the fool was me, and it was no joke. Yay! Divorce!

  • I was married on April fools day (11 years ago!) It is always good to have a sense of humor even when/especially when you are getting married! The old fogey’s in the family didn’t like it but everyone else thought it was fun!

  • Well…people don’t plan to fail…

  • What would be really hilarious – is if someone read your blog – meaning this post – and still agreed to marry you – and then were surprised when you called it a joke.

    I’m thinkin’.

  • My Parents were married on April 1st 1961. 47 years later they still haven’t let anyone in on the prank. I guess by now it is too late to yell “April Fools” and go their separate ways.

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