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A Higher, and Slightly More Annoying Education

I’m the type of person who is very easily annoyed. I can’t help but wonder if this character flaw has something to do with being the oldest child in my family, and only girl. My childhood was full of annoying boy stuff.

Attending college and being a decade older than the average student guarantees that I’m annoyed 90% of my time on campus. This makes it difficult to relate to other students. And by relate I mean TOLERATE.

Some of the things that drive me crazy are pointless conversations. Don’t these kids have anything important to discuss? Like the newest episode of “Rock of Love Bus?”

Nooo… they’d much rather talk about which guy in the dorm has herpes. Worse than the STD discussions are the questions they ask one another. “Do you understand why the bank charges me every time my rent check bounces?”  Or, “OH MY GOD DID YOU KNOW THAT GASOLINE COSTS MONEY?”




Yeah, it’s unfortunate.

Yesterday, I got stuck by two girls who did not shut up the entire lecture. It’s pretty difficult for me to concentrate anyway, so this doesn’t help. I’d like point out that I didn’t tell them to shut up, or punch them in the face. I’m really hoping I’m awarded a scholarship for not murdering them.

I guess the silver lining is that it wouldn’t be a true college experience if I wasn’t miserable part of the time. Right?


  • Back when I was in school eons ago, I was in a large lecture class and two people wouldn’t stop talking. A rather unstable fellow shouted across the room “Would you shut the hell up!” Even the professor stopped talking. Good times. And no, I wasn’t the shouter. I slinked in my chair just like everyone else.

  • I so wish we had this class together. We could sit behind those girls and put gum in their hair.

  • My wife is going back to school and she would agree with you.. scholarships for patience with idiots should definitely be awarded!

  • If you had murdered those two girls, we would have to remove the “Charm” part of your blog title. If you suddenly change it to, “Stab, Stab, STAB,” I guess we’ll know to start getting your bail money together.

  • There are few things worse than annoying classmates. My favorite was a class I took that high school students could take for partial credit. One raised her hand and said, “I, like, can’t get my book because I have cheerleading today! Can I like, wait and get it later?”*

    Although, the old people who argue non-stop aren’t fun either.

    College sucks sometimes.

    *(my apologies to The Kel who will see this…I am sure your cheerleaders are different, and I adore you even though you are a cheerleader)

  • I’d have told those girls to shut the hell up or get out, if their precious little conversation was so important that it couldn’t wait until after class.

    There are two girls who occasionally come to my cycling class, and when they do, they hardly exert any effort and talk or text through the whole class. WTF? Are they going to school on daddy’s dime or something? I’m paying 80 bucks for a half semester to take this class. Besides, I’m not going to pretend to work out and then ask myself why I’m still fat. “But I take a cycling class!” You’re still in charge of your own workout, bitches!

  • I am lucky enough to work on a college campus so I am blessed with these lovely people daily. Recently, I decided to join the school gym. Last night, I decided to go into the sauna. There was a girl ON HER CELL phone saying all the dumb things you mentioned above.

    I am pretty sure I tried to kill her with my eyes, but she was oblivious. On the phone in the sauna. Unreal.

  • Yeah being the old one sucks. It sucks even worse when your almost 20 years older. I really can not believe you didn’t tell them to shut up or at least move. You should get an A for that.

  • Speaking of college sucking…I am procrastinating between exams right now. Microbiology this morning at 7:25 AM, and Avian Biology tonight at 7:15 PM. Oh yeah, and in between I got a parking ticket on campus.

    Anyway, the point of this little rant, besides me venting on your blog, is that I disagree that it’s because you are older that you can’t tolerate people on campus. I’m 22, and a senior right now, so I’m average/normal age for my class (not non-traditional..), and I can’t stand them either. At the risk of offending a lot of people with this comment, I tend to lump all those people, well, girls anyway, together into a genre I like to call “sorostitutes.” I kid you not, I was at the mall recently, trying on clothes in Forever 21 when I heard the following comment: “You should just get it. You know you’re going to need a schoolgirl outfit later anyway.”

    I cannot STAND when people sit behind me in lecture classes and talk the whole time. Oh, and when people answer their cell phones in class. My latest academia-related annoyance is a girl in my microbiology class who asks questions pretty much every class. I don’t mind an occasional query, or discussions in small classes, but this is a 200 person lecture class. I don’t need to hear your questions. That is what office hours are for. Especially because my professor makes a point of coming to class early and staying late so that people can ask questions.

    Admittedly, that last one is probably a bit harsh….but that just proves my point that it’s not because you’re older than the other students. A lot of people in college really are that dumb/inconsiderate.

  • E=MCshutthefuckuporI’llpunchyouSQUAREDintheface. That’s what you learned in college today.

  • The only time I was miserable in college was when I was hungover and in class.
    Which I guess was a lot.

    Ok. Point taken.

  • Those girls might be as aggro as you say.However, their hotness trumps that.Like those Heather chicks, annoying but the bomb.

  • Heh, I encountered this during a large lecture class with an elderly but lovable prof. Since he truly could not hear the giggling chatty girls, someone in the back, also a bit older (like me) turned to them and said: “I don’t pay to come here and listen to you giggle and gossip, so shut the hell up or go talk about Barbies in the hall.” There were golf claps from us over 30s. But the tweens learned to STFU.

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