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I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to inform me that “The Hills” is not real, and in fact, a very scripted television series. My question is why is it so important to people who don’t even watch the show?

A friend, who shall remain nameless because he’s a giant baby about being written about on this site, felt the need to lecture me on “The Hills.” My friend who has never seen ONE SINGLE EPISODE, is currently as obsessed with the show as I am, but for all the wrong reasons! He’d much rather lecture me on the validity of the show than sit down and watch an episode.

After a heated discussion his final argument was, “Come on Sarah, you’re much smarter than this.” Which translated into “Sarah, I woke up this morning with the sole intention of pissing you off.”

And guess what? IT SO, SO DID!

Last night, someone I met for the first time, also insisted the show wasn’t real. If I had known him longer than forty minutes I would have jumped up and down screaming until he admitted the show is not only real, but incredible, and then bought him a drink to celebrate being on Team LC.

Let me live in my tiny world of denial. Because it’s like totally awesome, overly tan and pretty.


  • Oh my god!
    You’re the owner of dooced??
    I used to read your blog, and then I stopped, or you stopped, I can’t remember which. And now I’ve found you!
    I knew there was something familiar about your wit and sarcasm.


    So here’s some loyal fan love. Keep on blogging girl!

  • I don’t even know what the Hills is. But I know what you mean. I don’t care if people hate American Idol, but I don’t like people who say they hate it but have never watched it. That’s just being judgmental.

  • Okay. When is it on? What channel? I will watch it ONCE so that I can follow, or make fun of, your reasoning.

  • I’m scared to tune in for the new season. Once I start, I can’t stop. It’s frightening, but I agree that it’s incredible.

    Your new blog looks awesome!

  • ummm best fucking show ever…

  • BITCHES! All of them. The Hills is real, real, real and I won’t be convinced otherwise.

    ps – saw you on the blog thing with the Armstrongs! Love!

  • The Hills is clearly not scripted. The editors may edit things to be more dramatic at times, (and Heidi and Spencer may plan out crazy things to do to get more attention), but I don’t believe for a second that it’s scripted.

  • The Hills = best show, ever.. in the history of ever. LOVE AND PASSIONATELY ADORE IT.

    and it is totally for real, really.

  • I’ve never even heard of it but now I’m going to go check it out;)

  • SG: I am not. Dooce is owned by rockstar Heather Armstrong.

    SRA: WHAT? Watch it ASAP. MTV.com. Go. Now. Seriously.

    Sterkworks: WHO are you people? It’s like totally the best show ever. Above comment also applies to you.

    Sofi: If by frightening you mean amazing! It was great seeing you Sunday. Thanks for bruch. Maddie and I both owe you one nipple touch.

    Mrs. AK: Def.

    Ex: Thanks! Stick around a while. I could most certainly use another Hills fan.

    Stenar: I so want to hump your leg right now. For real.

    LA: Totally real.

    Ellen: Dude. It rocks.

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