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A Letter to Al Gore

Dear Al Gore,

I rode my bike to the store last night. The fact that I couldn’t locate my car keys may have had something to do with my decision, but I’d still like props for saving that itsy bitsy piece of the planet.

But that’s not why I’m writing you; I just wanted to check in.  How are you?  I’ve been a little worried that you may be feeling down in the dumps over this whole McCain inventing the Blackberry fiasco.  Party affiliations aside, you’re still my man.  Sure, the Blackberry was pretty cool.  I had one for a while, but I quickly moved onto the iPhone.  Whereas your invention, the Internet, I’ve not moved on from.

The Internet has made such a difference in my life.  It gives me a place to share stories of the crazy, stupid things I do.  Not to mention I’ve found a really great support system online.  And even a boyfriend or two.  I’ve never humped anyone because of a Blackberry.  For that alone you’re the clear winner. So, as you can see you’re still very much ahead of the game.

I won’t quit you Al Gore.



  • Here here. You make me laugh Sarah! Yay weekend!!

  • …I both love and fear him…We used to have a toilet that would run without intervention (jiggle the handle). I would tell my roommates they’d better stop that damned toilet from running or Al Gore would come out of the toilet and kill them.
    So now we talk about Al all the time..
    “Reuse that bag or Al Gore will Kill you!
    Turn off that light or Al Gore will Kill you!”

  • The best part of your scooter being out of commission is that you are riding your bike. That is great!

  • Al Gore – the people’s President! I miss Al, tell him I said hi.

  • Oh I love Al Gore. I had an Al Gore folder my senior year of high school.

  • :-(. Sigh. My heart always breaks a small bit more, when I see that you have found another mono-toned lover to fall for. When, indeed, will you find the love which is hiding, metaphorically, in your own backyard? That which is offered by one soul to another, willingly, within every comment upon this blog.

    But no more of this pitiful drivel do I offer thee. Love is a lubricated migrant worker. Easy to command yet difficult to seize hold of; it speaks in a foreign tongue to every other’s ear; it is found in even the lowliest of places; it understands “do’s” and “don’t’s” but could never explain why it acts so; and yet it is unrelentless in its work on the soul.

    I wish you, as always, the best in your new romantic endeavor.

  • *unrelenting*, forgive me for misspeaking so 🙁

  • I just spoke to Al about my own invention, the keyboard, and how I don’t get any credit (I knew he’d understand). Well, Al sounded a little down about McCain and the Blackberry so I’m guessing your words helped him!

  • I thought it was so cool that McCain invented the Blackberry. I mean. Inventing something you don’t even know how to use? Now that is COOL.

  • You know, Al is really lucky to have you on his side.

  • I totally second that. Even the humping thing 😉

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