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A Night of Balls

Last night I had dinner with Arlo and the AK’s. AK made his famous mozza ball soup. Yup, I ate balls for dinner, and in typical sophomoric fashion I giggled through the entire meal.

I showed up in jeans but quickly shed them for a pair of comfy pink pj pants. I’m not in the habit of taking my pj’s everywhere, but the AK’s are family so it’s perfectly acceptable to opt for comfort over cute.

AK was quite concerned when I didn’t put my jeans back on to leave. “Sarah, it’s snowing out there. If you get in a wreck you will have to go to the hospital wearing that!”He was horrified at the thought. So I did something completely out of character: I drove slow.


  • My mom would be mortified if I went out in my pjs, too. I, however, think that if I am wearing clean underwear, I am perfectly ready for a trip to the ER!

  • If I were the paramedic your pajamas would be the last thing I was focusing on. 1 Save you 2 Kiss you

  • pj pants are lovely, one of my favourites actually. i was a little concerned over the tucked-into-boots look if you ended up at the ER but i knew you would drive extra carefully that night. teehee.

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