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A Sobering Moment

I was out doing some last minute shopping today. Stop. That’s a total lie. Let me start over…

I made a quick run to the liquor store after noticing I only had one bottle of wine in my house. That is completely unacceptable during the holidays, especially when my back-up-plan, Mrs. AK, is busy entertaining family.


The entire time I’m in the store I can hear a small child crying, but it wasn’t until I was in line behind her that I could understand what she was saying. “Buuuuutttttt, mom, I want a drink!” She wailed this over and over, occasionally swapping the word want for the word need. Her mother finally snapped and said, “NO! You don’t need a drink, I need a drink and we’re going straight home so I can have one!” At this point everyone started consoling the mother. One woman telling her we’ve all been through it. Another rubbing her back and telling her to take a deep breathe.

And I think that’s what the holidays are all about, consoling complete strangers because we’re all having a hard time getting through them.


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