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A Sweet 78

The building manager of my office is a heat Nazi. I’m a wuss when it comes to the cold, but when even my clients are complaining, there’s definitely a problem. When asked today why the AC was on he replied, “That it is warm and sunny outside.” BASTARD!

So this will be the extent of my evening:

SarahBellum, funny blog


  • If your twitter was stating “whining about no wine” how is it possible for you to create the bathtub scene which you state will be your plans for the evening?

    Are you just making all this up to be dramatic? Far be it for you to stretch the truth, eh?

  • anonymous: As much as I love waking up to an email not only correcting what you perceive as wrong, and insulting me let’s make sure we’re all an the same page, shall we?

    When you drink the last glass of wine in the bottle the funny thing is the bottle is then empty. Gone. Which, obviously, means no wine. It’s a pretty simple concept, but thanks for double checking!

  • Nazis have no T in them. Or any shred of compassion, for that matter.

  • I love the pink ducky! Much more than lame anonymous comments.

  • Nazis may have no T orthographically, but they sure do phonetically! Honest mistake! (Stupid anonymous bums…)

    I used to have a heater Nazi as a roommate. She had to turn the heater off when she went to bed, and she usually went to bed a couple hours before everyone else. So we would try to be sneaky and turn it up after she went to bed, but she always noticed, and came out to turn it down and scold us. Now that it’s just me and my beau, we keep the heater on all through the winter.

  • Always plenty of heat and wine next door.

  • Is that rubber ducky what I think it is? You are awesome!!!

  • second photo: Ouh! I´ve a yellow one…
    rubber ducks aren´t only for these things you mean there are just for :) @just me…ryan

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