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A Yuppie in the Making

Lately I haven’t been spending as much time and money at Starbucks as I have in the past. Since giving up soda I’ve upped my daily coffee intake, and my lovely leopard print wallet can’t handle the burden of more Starbucks on a daily basis.

Don’t you worry; I’ve been coping with making my own coffee at home.

Hannah on the other hand hasn’t been able to wean herself of that Starbucks fix.  After the museum we headed to get ice cream.  The ice cream place my brother chose was located next to a Starbucks.  Hannah refused to get ice cream.  “NO, I’m having Starbucks with my Sarah.  That’s what we do.”  There was such force in her little voice that no one attempted to change her mind.  What can I say?  The kid’s got damn good taste; seriously, just take a look at her sugar daddy bling in the picture.

I didn’t bother to mask my delight in her choice.  I gleefully grabbed her hand and rushed into Starbucks, leaving the boys on their own for ice cream.

She stood on her tippy-toes and ordered her drink from the barista, “I want a girl, pink frappuccino.  And I’ll be over there in that green chair.”  She then flounced off and settled into her chair.

I beamed with pride as I paid the barista. This beautiful child, I’m lucky enough to call my niece, is going to make a kick ass yuppie someday. Someday very, very soon.  And when she is, I’m going to insist she buy her favorite auntie an espresso machine, complete with a sexy, shirtless male barista to work the damn thing.


  • EXACTLY why I’m teaching my boys how to truly cater to a women.

    High quality = high maintenance.

    It’s my duty as a mother of boys.

  • Dude. You know how to live the good life.

  • I think you might be mistaken about her being a yuppie. The word I’m thinking starts with a “d” and ends with “iva”.

  • Ah fare morn to ye miss Snielson, on this, a holy day :-(

    I made the unfortunate mistake of reading thy blog while drinking an entire pint of formaldehyde. I chuckled so verbosely, it spewed from my eyes! 8-D Happy days, happy days.

    I must warn you, though, of allowing this creature to stumble down her current path. The future is a dangerous one, wrought with cirrhosis!

  • Trollpop,

    I’ve enjoyed your humorous, albeit confusing comments, but taking a picture of my beloved four-year-old niece and putting a beer in her hand isn’t my idea of funny.

    Please refrain from making jokes at the expense of my niece and nephew. Otherwise Daisy will hunt you down and bite you. Hard. Twice.

  • I speedily rectify the situation and pray that Captain Daisy sinks his teeth into no part of my body :-(

    The future is bright and jovial for all of Miss Bellum’s kin :-D

  • YUMMY!!! I didn’t know that starbucks made drinks for kids…
    I’ll have to take my boys there…they would love a boy, blue drink..if there is such thing.
    Congrats on the boy toy..hope he works well!!
    At least you know where to get new batteries if you run out..haha
    luv ya

  • She is an adorable little girl and so lucky to have a fun aunt like you.

  • heehee!! Those growing-up-Starbucks moments are proud ones for sure (though few and far between in our suburban family world lately). Just wait til she can use the proper sbux lingo and order a “Tall strawberries and cream frappucino with no whip and a domed lid.” It might bring a tear to your eye.

  • Damn, gotta get me some of that bling! Thats the shizznit..

    ok i’ll stop now.. =o

  • love that ring. i think we own that one at our house as well. unfortunately my fingers are too fat for it to slip past my knuckle. sigh.

  • Order me one of those while you’re at it…the shirtless male barista, I mean.

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