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I’m Sarah, a forty something living in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve always loved writing and have been blogging since 2005, prior to that I just wrote in library books before returning them. Oh crap, is that an arrestable offense?

After a LOT of dating, I finally married my soul mate, Chris. The term “soulmate” is disgustingly cheesy, but in this case very accurate. Seriously, the dude wrote his own wedding vows to include a promise to make me coffee every day for the rest of my life. Um, yeah, SOULMATE STATUS ACHIEVED. We share our home with two pugs, Rosie Finlinson and Hugo Boss, who are adorable and also giant assholes. Besides our fur babies, we have a two-year-old daughter who I lovingly call FBomb.

I grew up in a very small, very Mormon town in rural Utah. I credit my survival to Trent Reznor, the bookmobile and my best friend Jennifer. Without these three I’d probably be wearing Wrangler jeans and racing horses. For the record, I’ve never owned Wranglers.

I have two parents who attempted to raise me in the LDS church, but much like ballet I wasn’t very good at it, so I quit both at an early age. For me, this is a good thing, and luckily they still love me 94% of the time despite my “heathen” ways. I am also a kick ass sister to four younger, and much taller, brothers. Which would explain my bossy nature, though not sure where the sarcasm came from. Pure luck, I suppose.

My favorite things are pugs, books, red wine, coffee, friends and family. I’m secretly in love with at least three people at any given moment. Two of them may be imaginary, and the other is probably a character on whatever trashy reality television show I’m addicted to at that moment, or a really great character in a book. Thus far, my boyfriends haven’t had an adverse effect on my marriage.

I have a sick obsession with the color pink. I blame a childhood filled with so many boys I needed something to separate me—as if having a vagina wasn’t enough.

I work in advertising and marketing, specializing in all things digital. I work for a fantastic agency, and yes working in advertising is exactly like “Mad Men.” And no, I’m not an alcoholic…. yet.

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