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Adventures in Baking

I hate grocery shopping. It’s not so bad when I’m only there to fetch vanilla soy milk and cold cereal, but when I’m forced to find out of the ordinary items and can’t, I lose all patience.  It doesn’t help that I don’t like asking strangers for help.  Thankfully, though, I have RLO on speed dial.

“RLO, I’m at Albertsons. Where is the molasses?”

“Next to the maple syrup.”

“Um, RLO where is the maple syrup?”

I think it would be far less work for him to just do all grocery shopping for me.  Wouldn’t you agree?  He’d argue that he’s far too busy for such tasks.  But since I’m such a charitable person when he’s pressed for time I’ll allow him to take a date along.  I’ll try and remember to leave tampons off the list.


  • Ok, so I know that this doesn’t exactly have to do with baking, but I thought that you’d really enjoy this little video. It’s just one more reason that I’ll be voting for McCain. *cough cough**YAH RIGHT!!**cough cough*


  • Why the fuck were you buying molasses?

  • mmmm molasses…where u making Anzac biscuts? Does anyone outside of Australia and New Zealand know what they are?

  • I think you need a new RLO! I’m ready for that task, but I live in Ogden.

  • Wow! I’m impressed!
    I had no idea where molasses would be in a store.
    Only place I knew of was up my ass.. cuz my grandpa used to say “do you have molasses up your ass?”

    Now, I never looked, but I assumed that must be where it is cuz I never found it anywhere else.

    Thank God for RLO!

    And yes, you are very right about how he should do your shopping – and also it’s very considerate of you not to put tampons on the list.

    We should all have a friend so thoughtful!

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