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Always, Always Inappropriate

Yesterday Ben, Kiesha and I went to the cemetery to leave flowers on my grandparent’s grave. We were walking around when I looked down and noticed which tee-shirt I’d put on that morning. Talk about poor planning. Who picks a shirt with a girl shooting herself in the head to wear to the cemetery? Me. That’s who. I’m an idiot. I have got to start paying closer attention to the little details in life.



  • Nice threadless.

  • Oh crap. I would have done something like that, too. Totally unaware. yikes.
    It’s the thought that counts? I guess it could have been worse, you could have been wearing one with someone shooting others on it.

  • That is a cool shirt though so i wouldn’t stress it.

  • At least the spatter becomes butterflies so it’s a happy shirt?

  • This is the exact reason that I always go to the cemetery topless.

    I’ve read a few of your posts and I like your blog. I’ve bookmarked it and look forward to checking in regularly. If you’re ever looking for a laugh or maybe a cry (if you’re some sort of sicko), visit my pop culture comedy blog. The URL is http://yeahtotallyright.blogspot.com

    Rock on.

  • Honestly I think you plan a lot of what you write about on your site for the sake of having something to write about. You fully intended to wear that t-shirt and then have a photo taken of you wearing it. Your posts are so predictable and childish.

  • It’s kinda like trying REALLY hard not to swear in church and then accidentally dropping an f-bomb at the quietest moment during the service.

    On another note, next time you go to a funeral, you should dress like the Grim Reaper on accident so Doreens comment will be completely legitimate and worth the time spent reading it. I hate being surprised or entertained. So stop that shit.

  • I’m unclear on why Doreen reads your site if she thinks it’s beneath her. She sounds like a bore.

    Your shirt is hardly noticeable. I can see how you overlooked the graphic. I wouldn’t worry about it, I bet no one but you noticed.

    Doreen, I’ll give you that at times Sarah is irreverent, which is why we read her, but I doubt she’s go as far as preplanning things or wearing a suicide shirt to a cemetery.

  • At least your faux pas is stylish! I have that shirt too, in fact.

  • I think you wore it because oh my HELL I needed to laugh today and I TOTALLY AM!

  • Oh god, thats totally something i’d do =o)

    Doreen – Didnt your mother tell you that if you can’t find something nice to say don’t say anything at all?

    That’ll teach you to comment on a site full of sarah fans =oP

  • At least the shirt is badass. May I inquire as to its origin?

  • Inappropriate? Hell yeah, but hysterical.

  • Ok, I’m thinking you need to have a direct feed to each and every one of my family members. They’ll never believe there’s someone more (accidentally) inappropriate otherwise.

  • Ugh. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Horribly inappropriate grammar on my part.

  • Nice look on your face.

  • Why do you even own a t-shirt like that?

  • :o) Don’t chastise yourself – shit simply happens … And I believe you made several of your readers smile with “ohh, I’m not the only one to whom this kind of stuff happens.”

    (… and sorry for my bad english …)

  • But this is why we love you!!!

  • Well it looks like butterflies are coming out of her neck.. so maybe that’s like a sign that she’s still alive – just floating/flying?

    Ok, I was trying to find something positive to say about this – but I’m not sure that it’s working.

  • I love this picture of you remembering your grandparents….and then you mention the shirt! It was a good thing I was not drinking milk at the time, cuz it would have come out my nose! You are awesome!

  • I can understand your embarrassment. It sounds like something I would and probly have done.

    Did anyone in your family notice?

  • I once went to a church picnic wearing an ‘FCUK’ tee shirt. THAT was bad planning!

  • I LOVE that you have a Threadless shirt! Their retail store is literally right around the corner from my apartment. Their display changes daily and I have now collected my fair share of t-shirts. Yet another reason to love Chicago!

  • Doreen can kiss it.
    I love your posts and still love you even though I didn’t get to see you this weekend.

  • I love that shirt! Its one of my favorite threadless designs eva.

    Reminds me of the time I stole Aimee’s Frenzal Rhomb shirt that said something about getting fucked you fucking fuckwit and happened to go to the D.I. that day.. good times!

  • OMG she’s a Threadless fan! I love Threadless!

    Although I wouldn’t have worn Flowers in the Attic to a funeral, I probably would have worn The Morning After (http://www.threadless.com/product/282/The_Morning_After). May as well bring a smile, right?


  • Your amazing.

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