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An Anniversary to Remember

This weekend my parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary.  I remembered while I was having drinks at the pub, so instead of calling and slurring my words I text messaged my mom.

“Happy anniversary!  Thanks for getting married and having all the crazy sex it took to make me!”

My mom has a great sense of humor so I knew she’s shake her head after reading it, but secretly find it funny.  Expect there was a slight problem.  My mom and dad’s names both start with the letters KA and of course they share the same last name.

In my haste to send the message I inadvertently sent it to my dad, which would be OK if he had a sense of humor.  He does not.

I’m really hoping my dad’s phone doesn’t have text messaging, but I’m too scared to call home and find out.  My plan is to avoid my family for the next 34 years.  It’s safer that way.


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