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And so it Begins

It seems there are some crazy rumors flying around the internet about little old me. It’s disconcerting to say the least.

What rumors you must be wondering? No, it’s not about the time I danced atop a table in a bar. The details of that night die with me.

This is worse.


It seems my dear friend Kelli has broken our secret pact. So much for “what happens in the country, stays in the country.” Instead of keeping her big mouth shut, she ratted me out to the entire internet. An accident is an accident. I would never purposely hurt a dear friend like Kelli. Unless, of course, she refuses to back to Utah WHERE SHE BELONGS!

And as soon as I’m completely recovered from this nasty bout of the flu I am going to kick that girl’s ass—giving us both a much-needed workout. GIRL FIGHT!

It’s on girly.


  • I’m not scared of you, because I know your weaknesses. Remember, I was with you when you TRIPPED on an escalator that wasn’t even on.

    It’s sooo on. (not the escalator)

  • Now who’s trying to get out of cheese fries? Flu, my ass!

  • Wow! The sharks are out for blood. Everyone out of the pool.

  • Awwww, I bet you feel really bad about it under that hardened exterior. I love friends like that though, throw them off the bike and they just find it endearing. It’s bringing you two closer already! If the closeness brings you to a mudpit though, be sure to film. The money will roll in!

  • flu??! FLU!! Have you been to Mexico lately?

    Are you oinking like a PIG?!!? Or perhaps a SWINE!

  • It wasn’t hard to get her to talk – just had to remind her of how you ratter her out over the ruined almonds and she was tripping over herself to implicate you in the Back De-Backle.

  • So, you’re going to die of the pig flu, huh?

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