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Another Awkward Moment

Today, while rushing back to the office from lunch, I managed to barely escape hitting someone with my car. And to make matters worse, that someone was a co-worker.

Thankfully with my big sunglasses on and hair in a ponytail I don’t think he recognized me. He did, however, shake hit fist in anger and flip me the bird. Seriously? Do people still do that? I can’t remember the last time I flipped someone off. Though, it does sound rather tempting now that I think about it. In the last few moments of writing this post I’ve already thought of ten people I’d love to wave a little bird action in their general direction. In fact, maybe that’s what I’ll do this weekend.

Who wants to drive me around while I hang out the window flipping random strangers off? Come on. That sounds like an excellent Sunday afternoon plan. Well worth skipping church over. I’m sure Baby Jesus would understand.


  • As long as there’s drinking involved…anything sounds good when there’s drinking involved! Oh wait…not if you’re driving around. BAD IDEA. Sorry.

  • One word “Moonroof”

  • I didn’t know flipping people off had gone out of style. Well, I guess if biting your thumb at someone is out of style, we can only expect the same of other gestures.

  • Yeaaaaahhhh,
    Receiving “the bird” totally excuses your behavior.

  • i live in miami and not a day goes by when i am on the road that i dont flick somebody off or want to get out of the car and remind them of the rules of the road. But i usually dont want to get shot, so I stay in my car

  • is baby jesus a mormon thing? A french/swiss friend used to always reference him. just wondering..

  • Flipping folks off has to be my prime stress-reliever. I’d flip off the Pope if he cut me off in his Popemobile.

  • Flipping people off is sooo 1995. Nowadays, all the cool kids are capping people in the ass.

  • I’m a bigger fan of sticking my tongue out at them and making the snottiest 8 year old face I can. I apparently want them to slap the look off of my face. This is especially successful with Soccer Moms. It makes me feel a lot more closure than simply holding up a finger.

  • I just flipped off the advertisement in your sidebar right next to this comment box. It says “My blog makes me $6000 a month, and I’m just a regular guy!”

    Regular guy can bite me.

  • I just got the double-fisted flip off from some guy who was apparetly IRATE that I wasn’t going fast enough. That’s not safe dude, the driving with no hands so that you can make gestures at other people. Even after he got off the freeway, he was still giving me both fingers as I passed. What a douche. Hey buddy, I know where you can shove those fingers…

  • Sounds like a marvellous idea.

    Though I really like the biting of the thumb idea. I think we should revive that.

  • Man i think you’ve started something… I havent done that to anyone for ages.. but i do tend to wave my arms about and look generally angry. Man some drivers are SO STUPID

  • just yesterday i accidentally cut someone off, the guy started honking and throwing his hands up in the air, and not only that he then came up beside me and flipped me off, so as the kind young lady i am i returned the gesture, after i figured he had made way to big of a deal about the whole incident… Ummm bad idea he along with his wife, (or maybe just girlfriend)in the car proceeded to follow me home! so i decided to drive around till he was lost!!! freaky how crazy people are these days!!

  • My college roommate and I used to flip each other off as we drove by in our small college town, you know, just for fun. If you lived here in Denver, I would *totally* flip you off.

  • I have been using my middle finger for way too long. Drivers in Utah are absolutely the most inconsiderate driving cell phone talkers on the planet. That said, my middle finger doesn’t seem to make a difference on how they drive. It has taken me way too many years to figure out no one you flip off gives a fuck and if they do – they are total fuckers!

  • I stopped flipping people off years ago. It’s just not that satisfying.

    I applaud. It pisses them off TO NO END and I get to laugh and clap like a monkey with cymbals you can wind up.


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