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Another Exercise in Stupidity, err, Self-Control

Remember that one time when I didn’t eat meat for, like, a zillion years and my cattle rancher family hated me?

Um, yeah.

And remember that time I was a vegan for a year and the economy went to shit because I wasn’t buying fancy cheese and Red Iguana’s cheese enchiladas?

Um, yeah.

Well, I’ve done it again. I stupidly decided to take it a step further and try a juice die. For the last week, I’m been juicing all this shit:

Sure the cabbage, apple and carrot juice is delicious, but it tastes nothing like red wine and peanut and butter sandwiches. If I don’t have perfect skin, lose 10 pounds and look five years younger, I’m gonna be forced to cut more than fruits and vegetables.


  • do what you want. live alittle to enjoy. fellow scorpian man we gotta stop picking on ourselves to the point of bleedin to death. been there done that cept for the vegan thing and the girly things ., ok bye

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