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Another Plan Foiled

“Sarah, do you want to go to the pub for dinner?”

“Duh, Rlo. But we have to order something semi-Mexican there since it’s Cinco de Mayo. Do you think they serve Mexican wine?”

“Doubtful. You know, you could just drink so much you vomit and pass out. It’s just like going to Mexico.”

I think secretly Rlo wants to get me drunk and take advantage of me. In doing so he’ll prove he is not as gay as I make him sound, and I’ll be forced to write about his manliness on the Internet.


  • Yes, I’m sure that’s it.

    You are so wise to realize it.

  • you think RLO secretly wants to take advantage of you? or you hope RLO secretly ants to take advantage of you.

  • I bet he does, that sly guy…it might make for a funny story!

  • Maybe you guys should just do it and get it over with, in the words of Janeane Garofolo in Reality Bites.

  • If by take advantage of you, you mean he wants to read you the book of mormon while you’re passed out and lay his hands on your head, I think he wants to take advantage of you too.

  • I had this totally witty comment all ready to go, but then I read Pants comment and decided that it just wasn’t nearly as hilarious and couldn’t possibly compete.

  • I knew it…that’s what I’ve been thinking all along!

  • Kate: Yes, I’m all-knowing when it comes to RLO.

    AK: Dude.

    Christy: He’s a very sneaky man; too bad I’m onto him.

    SRA: Love that movie, but not doing it with RLO.

    Pants: Best comment ever. Why? Because it’s sooooo true.

    Loralee: That damn Pants.

    JL: It would have backfired when I made fun of his manhood online!

  • I thought that Rlo wanted to be taken advantage of by a certain male designer we know.

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