I love hearing from readers, not as much as I love wine, but a VERY close second!


Australia is the new black. Not because the country was once a big prison or anything, but because it produces cool people, and good wine. Mmm… wine.

I haven’t blogged much this week. Quite honestly I feel that I haven’t had anything worthwhile to add to the interwebs. Not that I ever do, but I’m tired, busy and emotionally drained. Welcome to life as a 33-year-old student.

Last night I logged into my blog email and found the below email. I was reminded that I really do have the best blog readers. Sure, I get the occasional hate mail and comments that leave me gasping for air, but it’s the good stuff that makes blogging worth it.

Thanks to reader Chris for making life just a little brighter. I’m going to drink a glass of wine in your honor. You know the one with a kangaroo on the bottle. Or is it a wallaby? I get that so confused.

Dear Miss Nielson,

I’m writing to you from Australia as I quite literally just stumbled across you on twitter…

Which has now lead me here and I felt it would be a crime to not…

1) Mention that your tweets rock!
2) … actually I have no point 2… which now begs the question… why have I been such a douche bag and written in point form…?

Anyway love the blog so just thought I would drop you a line and tell you that your work is… kinda like a hot tub filled with melted chocolate and naked midgets!

Seriously love it!

Anyway have a beautiful weekend!


P.S. Your profile photo is criminal!!! (We use the word ‘criminal’ over here in Aus sometimes instead of ‘hot’ and now I have successfully chalked up douche bag comment no.2 for using a douche bag word like ‘criminal’)

P.P.S Please ignore the first P.S.


  • Is this like in high school when boys said they had girlfriends in Canada?

  • What a cute boy. Go GET him.

  • I personally agree with this last comment from Susan…!?

  • Sarah, if you’re inclined to take a trip to Australia and need a wingman or traveling companion…count me in!

  • The comments were cute.

    If you are into decent wine, (you seem to be)that are not yet overpriced, (as a fellow student I know how important that is)then you should check out some of the wine coming out of South Africa. The climate there makes the wine very similar to Australia’s wine. South Africa just hasn’t developed the reputation as a wine producer yet.

    Also, with no apartheid any more, purchasing wine from South Africa doesn’t have to come with guilt.

  • i want to follow him on twitter.

  • Marry that Aussie IMMEDIATELY!

  • OMG Sarah I clicked his name and his picture is hot! What do we know about him?

    Sanity level?

    If you don’t take him I want him. I’m not a cute blonde like you but a sexy brunette is even better.

  • Ahh… I’m a little embarrassed and extremely flattered by these comments so I just wanted to say a very sincere thanks!

    However I do believe I have an obligation to mention that I’m really just a regular Tom, Dick or Harry.. in fact I think (first name) Dick (second name) Head would probably sum me up best!

    Helen.. Just quietly… YOU ROCK! And as such I felt a response to your questions was in order…!

    Age: I’m 29
    Education: I have achieved a B- Average in Finger Painting and an A+ average in Douche Baggery
    Sanity Level: hanging on by a very thin thread… I even considered buying a ‘Snuggie – The Blanket with Sleeves’ the other day
    Baggage: Do 2 small sacks count…?
    Wife: Yes – Would like one please…
    Kids: No, I have no kids but I would like to practice making them over and over again with the lady who falls into the above category and then actually put that practice into place and have as many as the aforementioned Wife is comfortable with. If for some reason she doesn’t want any that’s ok.. All I ask is that we still practice the art of making them over and over…
    Pets: Do 2 small sacks count…?

  • I sincerly hope you’re booking the next flight to Austrailia Sarah!!

  • Ok I’m a geek but I keep checking this post for comments and YEEEE! This is too fun.

    Sarah, you should start a bake sale to raise money for a plane ticket to Australia. I’ll even make some cookies for it!
    Any guy who is even thinking about buying a Snuggie is worth a $1,200 plane ticket!

  • I’ll donate $100 towards a flight! I’m a romance sap. I have to know how this plays out.

  • I’m in for 20!

  • Really? This is where the bar is set for wooing you, your readers and conceivably other girls?

    Good news for me I guess; this is the kind of insipidness I was writing as a high-school student.

  • People, I’m not hopping on a plane to meet a stranger who may or may not be a midget covered in chocolate.

    Or worse a douchey short guy.

    Let’s all agree to watch a sappy chick flick this weekend to get our romance fill.

  • GreatScott, you have a heart made from coal.

    Sarah, fine. I’ll stop and maybe I should put down The Time Traveler’s Wife while I’m at it. Sorry…

  • Becky, dude you should put that book down immediately. God forbid you enjoy it enough to go watch the film version. HORRIBLE!

  • Criminal instead of hot?! :D

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