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Band Aids & Ben

In the middle of my front room is a pile of presents that need to be gift wrapped; only I keep forgetting to buy wrapping paper.

Each year Ben and I share gift duty, which means I shop while he wanders around and pretends to help. The helpful part comes when we split the bill. This year has worked brilliantly for the past few years. This year, however, Ben has flaked on both Saturdays we had plans to shop. The first time he was still on a bender in Wendover, which I can completely sympathize with, but the second time he was spending the day seeing a movie with an old mission companion. Yes, the irony in my family runs deep.

He finally made a contribution. He was supposed to buy something to add to the package we still haven’t mailed Chad, and a gift for Boy AK. He bought band aids. Yes, band aids: sushi and Jesus ones for Chad–Scooby-Doo, Curious George and regular ones for Boy AK. And since it’s the holiday season and you’re supposed to be charitable I told him he’d done an excellent job and didn’t call him a freak.


  • At first I thought band-aids, thats a lame gift! then you mentioned the kinds of band-aids, and I thought thats a cool gift… for a 5 year old!

  • They make Jesus band-aides?

  • Do Jesus band aids provide a kiss of blessing so they hurt less when removed? Or do they possess Lazarus like powers to raise the dead? That would really put a burr under the mortuary lobby…

    I think your brother would have been described as touched in the vernacular of the past.

  • best gift ever for boy ak – loves bandaids and perfect timing as we have been completely out of them for two weeks…the boy had to quit cold turkey – rough. cheers very much indeed!

  • Alexis: I think Ben made a great choice. Everyone needs Jesus covering their ouchies during the holidays.

    SRA: Yup, and bacon ones too!

    El Viajero: Jesus band aids provide a solid back up to Neosporin You can’t ever have enough protection.

    Mrs. AK: Cold turkey during the holidays? Now that’s just cruel. Thank god Ben is here!

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