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Because It's Sunday

Ben and I had a sibling day yesterday. Since he moved to the ‘burbs I don’t get to see him as much as I did when he lived across the hall. I miss seeing him more, but I don’t miss the smell of his sink full of dirty dishes.

We left The Gateway and were driving past the temple when Ben got really quiet. I love it when Ben gets really quiet! It means he’s about to say something really weird. I crossed my fingers and hoped it would be something blog worthy.

“I can’t believe it took 40 years to build the temple. It’s not even that big. I could’ve built it ALONE in way less time and that includes the time it would take to learn to build a temple.”

I’m not good with this religious stuff but I’m pretty sure it’s not a building competition between Ben and God. But if it were, my money would be on God–not because I’m a big believer, but because Ben is really lazy.


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