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Bedroom Astronomy

Yesterday was a complete waste of my time.  No wine and cheese mixer, just a lot of waiting around in a lobby that thinks children’s books are far more important than gossip magazines.  Puhh-lease.  I’m all about seeing stars in the bedroom, trust me, but this isn’t typically the way I go about it:

Sadly there were no hot cops like you people suggested. Proving you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet. The Internet lied to me. Again. First you let me to believe I could learn to be a master in bed by reading one email, or grow my penis six inches with a vitamin; then you lied and told me the F.B.I was patrolling Facebook. Internet, I’m starting to trust you less and less every single day.

The good news is I have forgiven you, but someone still owes me a hot cop. Get on it.


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