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Believing is the Real Joke

April Fool’s Day is the weirdest day. A day where we are encouraged to lie to one another? Um, no thanks. I already have that in my life.

It’s called dating.

Isn’t that enough of a joke? Apparently not enough for everyone, so the tradition continues. As does my confusion.

Every year I wait for a press conference where someone of authority stands up and announces–with jazz hands–what items of interest were an April Fool’s Day joke all along.

Ahem, Sarah Palin

Harem pants

Decaf coffee

Heidi Montag’s career

Low-fat ice cream

The pursuit of happiness

“American Idol”

MSN Bing

Mazda Miatas

These have to be jokes. I mean who really thinks happiness and Heidi Montag’s career are real. No one is that gullible, right?


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