I love hearing from readers, not as much as I love wine, but a VERY close second!


Best voicemail to date:

“Sarah, it’s Scott.  Did you break up with me?  At least call me and tell me if you broke up with me, or at least leave a note on your blog or something.”

I love this!  How great that now I don’t even have to return calls or text message people anymore, I can inform them via blog I didn’t break up with them.

If I were to call him back–which I probably won’t because I’m lazy–I’d be sure to tell him we are not broken up at this time.  He’s not fired and still considered a friend, in fact a better friend than I am since he calls people.

Now if I could only figure out how to get my family to accept this form of communication my world would be perfect.


  • I was just talking to the Stray. He was on the way to SBUX (as an SBUX democrat) and we had a nice discussion about global warming. I guess he must have called me as a last resort after he couldn’t get you to answer.

  • i always tell him that i was too busy enjoying the major utah powder and didn’t hear my phone

  • BTW, Alex I called you first, just so you know. Thats most likely due to the fact that you actually answer the phone! And I don’t doubt that mrs. AK is skiing everytime I call. You suck too. I miss Cafe Trang. Oh, and you guys too. All the people I meet here in Ohio think making fun of people is mean, and not the sport I think it is.

    Thanks for not breaking up with me Sarah.

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