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BFF Night

Mrs. AK, and I force Arlo to have BFF nights with us once a week. These nights consist of Arlo attempting to whip a little something up in the kitchen. When Arlo bakes with us around there is always an incident. Remember the MSG cookies? While the baking is happening Mrs. AK and I drink red wine and heckle him. It’s a bonding experience we all enjoy.

Sometimes I worry that Arlo feels left out because he doesn’t drink wine. To alleviate this I always take a swig off his Diet Coke, leaving enough wine backwash to give anyone a good buzz.

Yesterday at the drugstore while loading up on Vitamin C I found a way he can share in on the red wine fun without partaking of my germ loaded saliva. Also proving I am a caring friend who wants him to reap the benefits antioxidants provide. In one simple purchase I’ve proven myself as an loving friend who cares about the longevity of a friend’s life.
Sarah Nielson


  • That’s no fun. I tell myself I’m drinking it for the anti-oxidents but the truth is if I can get a buzz before bed life is worth living.

  • What?! Alco-pills?! In a drug store?! We’ll have kids lined up in the parking lot, getting drunk and poisoned! These are nothing but a gateway drug easily available to kids at, well, Gateway! Oh, whither the children! (visualize gnashing teeth while beating the breast)

  • Yes, these pills must be placed at the state liquor store with the alcapops!

  • That is the coolest damn medical invention I have ever seen.

  • Hah! Those’ll make perfect b-day or Christmas gifts for my entire super-Mormon family. I can’t wait.

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