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BFF Tattoo

RLO is the most amazing person ever. Well maybe not ever, I mean ever is a long time. Let’s just stick to RLO is the most amazing person right now.

Last night he came over to help me study for my math final I’m flunking taking later today. I’m proud to announce there was no yelling, no crying and no freaking out. Wait. There was a little freaking out, but it was on his part for once. He nearly lost it when I touched him after touching Daisy without washing my hands first, because OH MY GOD who knows where that dog has been!  Sometimes I like to piss him off so he’ll appreciate all the other times when I’m so very sweet to him.

After our tutoring session he took me for frozen yogurt because I was so well-behaved.  And because he was so nice, and didn’t smack me over the head with my algebra book when I asked stupid questions, I let him drive me around on the scooter.

As we were eating our yogurt I mentioned Ben hadn’t gone with me to purchase a helmet yet.  “Sarah,” he said, “because they probably won’t prosecute Ben for killing you when you wreck and die, I want you to know I’ll take him to civil court for you.”

RLO is seriously the sweetest guy.  He’d sue my brother for wrongful death once I’m gone. I did make him promise to take the money and get a tattoo that reads: I miss my BFF Sarah.  He wholeheartedly agreed.

I’m having the design made up, just in case.


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