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Bikers for Safe Shaving

Me: Why is there a bunch of bike blogs linking to me? Did you have something to do with this?

Rlo: It’s a grass roots movement. They all want their balls less than one layer away from you at all times.

Me: Um….

Rlo: They have a non-profit too, “Balls without Boundaries.” You should totally donate. It’s a worthy cause

Me: What are my donations used for?

Rlo: Half goes to designing more breathable pants and underwear. The other half goes towards developing more ball friendly razors.

Me: Hold please. I need to barf before we continue.


  • Yeah, I get it–I just threw up in my mouth a little bit on that one.

  • Mmmm … shaved stuff … bikes … Lycra … all combined to get Sarah’s knickers in a twist!

    Rlo should be proud.

  • Ugh, I so relate to the ball shaving part, only because I know how true it is!! Grossssssss!! My BFF is a boy, and it pains me to think about how many times he’s talked about shaving his balls in my presence. And how it pretty much unfazes me now …so sad …
    I’m de-lurking after reading your blog for awhile. I stumbled upon your site via Dooce and veryGeorge – I’m just a liberal gal from Portland, OR who appreciates witty banter, good storytelling abilities, and being unapologetically single in the early thirties age-range :) You are hilarious and fabulous and I think you kick ass! Keep up the blogging, I’ll definitely be reading!
    P.S. My mom’s name is Sarah too. With-an-H. Your coolness factor just keeps soaring …

  • Hmmmmmm….balls…..

  • I have a bike blog, but haven’t linked to you. I’m going to do that tonight. Do you want more links? I don’t have any non-biking related blogs on my site, but I think now is the time to start. If only to piss you off.

  • Yup. Rlo totally owes you dinner. ;)

  • I am a biker, but I visit simply for the articles!

  • This has been a big week for Rlo…first he’s saving himself for Martha Stewart and now he’s preaching about ball friendly razors?

  • Can I borrow Rlo for 1 week? I promise I’ll return him in the same condition in which he was found.

  • OK – shaved balls. Ewww. And ow! I added you to my blogroll. I am a newbie but so many nice people came to visit from your blog that I want to return the favor if I can! And no, I am not a biker. Nor do I have balls. But if either of those things were the case, I still wouldn’t shave them.

  • i had no idea. really. guys really shave their….

    no i can’t think about it. ew.

  • You know as a single guy I think sometimes is just a courteous thing to do, though perhaps it’s a bit too much info to talk about. As an aside, I had a few gay friends who were talking about WAXING of the boys one night. OW. They swore up and down they were serious, and as I walked into the conversation I think they had to be, but you never know. Ladies, I’m willing to take my life into my own hands and shave for in an effort to be more hygienic, but waxing? Holy shit no.

  • Well, it does feel nice to have some nice smooth cue balls, but not when the stick to your legs.

  • So basically Rlo shaves his penis to make is look bigger then? Is that what he is telling you?

  • That’s just wrong!

    And by “that” I mean all of it!

    But in a hilarious kind of way!

    ha ha ha!

  • My blog is about biking. But it is not linked to yours. For now I prefer to be “closet” Sarah reader. :)

  • Put it this way. When I dine south of the border, I don’t like getting a mouthful of fur.

    I would think that the same would be true for you when enjoying the twig and berries!

  • People, People…

    Smooth balls are highly UNDERrated.

    I swear.

  • Haha, Nice!

    I would never think to do something with the shaved hair.

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