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Birthday Lunch

I had lunch with my mom today to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.  Because I came out of her she gets dibs on all birthday celebrations.  I can live with that.

This is how I expected the conversation to go:

“Honey you’re the most amazing, perfect, beautiful daughter in the entire world.  I’m so incredibly lucky to have you.  It’s the reason I believe in God.  I asked for the most lovely daughter in heaven and ended up with you.  That said, what do you want for your birthday?”

“I want you to vote for Obama on Tuesday.”

“I will happily vote for Obama.  It’s the least I could do for your birthday my dear.”

This is how it really went:

“Happy birthday tomorrow!  If we lived closer I’d do your laundry.”

It’s not vote for a better presidency, but clean clothes certainly have a place in history too.


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