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Bitchslapping Autism

This picture is a giant lie, because OH MY GOD do you see how skinny my arm looks?!
Utah Autism Speaks Walk

Today’s autism walk was a complete success! I was very happy to be part of it, and even happier knowing our team kicked ass at fund raising. A big thanks to my readers who donated, and to Rlo who carried my bag for most of the walk. I rewarded him by not making fun of his sunglasses.


  • oh you’re sexy and you better know it! (straight girl here)

    um, how does one pronounce Rlo?

  • Been wandering the same thing myself.

  • A man who carries your purse is one in a million. My wife says this all the time and I wonder if it’s true or if she’s suckering me into it. I carry the thing either way.

  • You two would make a cute couple.

  • He’s totally hot!!!

  • Where was this picture taken? Like what building is that behind you.

  • You need to teach Rlo some ways of the world. Slip him a roofie. I think he is hot… and I’m a lesbo. (You are hotter, though.)

  • That’s why you should spell it R-lo, then people will get it.

    Someone once told me they thought Sra was pronounced Ess-Rah, and I was like, no that would be spelled S-ra.

  • Misha: That’s very kind of you to say. Thank you. Rlo’s name is pronounced, “Hey you, make me some chocolate cake ASAP.”

    Range: It’s also pronounced, “NO, I will not watch bike porn with you.”

    Anon: Rlo is a one in a million with or without the purse carrying skills. The boy can put up with me. He deserves a medal, or a night off. Both of which will not happen.

    A: We would. But I can’t couple with anyone who won’t share their sperm with me.

    New Reader: First of all welcome, and second he’s mine and you cannot have him. Unless, of course, you pay me. I accept chocolate, cash and Spice Girls albums.

    Bunnie: Cottonwood High School.

    Rick: For the love of baby Jesus, DO NOT ENCOURAGE HIM!

    Sterkworks: As usual, you’re absolutely correct: I am hot.

    Sra: That extra dash is so much more work.

  • Yes he is hott. So are you Sarah, even if you do have skinny little arms.

    I have lots of chocolate…

    And I kind of like the glasses.

  • New reader here. I started reading a week ago from Dooce’s website. Your honesty cracks me up. This is my new favorite blog…

  • Nice job on the autism front, and yes, please do something about Rlo’s glasses. Yikes!

  • Good job on the walk. Good cause too. I was going, but I opted to do the Asthma walk at Sugar House park instead. I was lucky enough to tweak my right calf muscle, so now it matches my left, which I managed to tweak last week! Now I can gimp around with two pulled calf muscles! I’m excited. And apparently hopelessly out of shape.

    Rlo has a sense of style with those glasses. It’s important to be unique, and should be encouraged.

    BTW, those are some seriously skinny arms.

  • I’m also a new reader from Dooce’s website. Great pics – can I ask where you got the hat? Love it!

  • Why aren’t you dating this guy?

  • Nobody tell Sarah, but I have have a serious crush on Rlo’s glasses and I would like to know where he got them because they are rad.

  • I have sunglasses like that. A friend stole them from another friend and left them in my car. Now they are mine.

  • Well done Sarah! & Good job on getting Rlo to carry your bag =o)

  • Hi we found you site very interesting and thought we would share with you a patch we have been using on our autistic daughter. It’s made an unbelievable difference in her attention span & behavior. It’s called Aura Patches and is not a chemical patch. Check them out @ http://www.internapure.com/Blog/2009/07/09/aura-patch-autism-protocol/ keep up the good work.
    Darren N.
    Atlanta, Ga.

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