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"Blended Vodka Easy"–Official Summer Drink '08

Me: I have a new recipe for you to try on BFF night: One can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, vodka, one pitted peach and ice. Blend and drink.

Rlo: Sounds easy, just like everyone after drinking it.

Me: Ohhh Rlo, that is why I love you! Well that and you put up with my constant abuse, wear pink underwear and love my dog so very much.

Rlo: I must be some sort of angel.

Me: Or a masochist.


  • That sounds freakin awesome. How much vodka? Just – a LOT??
    I can handle that!!

  • I need a best friend like that…the drink sounds great, I’ll have to try it–thanks!

  • Ok, I’m new here.
    Found your blog when Dooce posted the link to the tv show you both did last week.

    As a result, I have no idea who Rlo is. Please explain? And thanks.

    And yes, that drink sounds heavenly.. and I think too much is never enough. ha ha ha.


  • Note: I read your character descriptions. In reading about your mom (the letter posting),
    I realized it read a lot like a letter Dooce posted to her mom.
    I noticed that you both have a very similar type of wit – that I truly enjoy.

  • Disregard my note above.
    Turns out Dooce didn’t post a letter. I had read your letter before and upon rereading it mistakenly thought I had read it at Dooce.

    That statement about your humor still stands.

  • I personally think it should be one can of pink lemonade concentrate to entire bottle of vodka. That sounds about right, no??

  • so, i thought about mixing this up today. while at work. and drinking it there. i totally should have.

  • This sounds yummy … now I just need to get a blender and I can use one of the 4 bottles in my freezer.

  • Great post – thanks for sharing!

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