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Blog Giveaways may Result in Good Vibrations

It’s freebie time! This time around the giveaway is a bit more risque, which makes it totally more fun.

MOM SHUT YOUR COMPUTER DOWN IMMEDIATELY. Do not continue to read this post, it will freak both of us out. And Jesus. Speaking of which Jesus, my homeboy, if you’re reading you’d better log off too.

OK, are we free of my mom and the J man?  Good. Let’s continue.

Eden Fantasy’s, an adult toy store, is the naughty sponsor of this giveaway. Because I couldn’t decide on just one product, the winner will receive a gift code for $65. Which is better, because really, do you want ME picking out your prize? Wait, don’t answer that. Let’s just pretend you don’t.

Back to the important part: SIXTY-FIVE-FREE-DOLLARS-WORTH-OF-SEX-TOYS!

To win you must comment. You are allowed to comment as often as you want, however, my mother and Jesus are not eligible to comment. I completely understand if you want to be anonymous on this post, but at least put an alias in the name field. Also, please make sure you leave a valid email so I can get in touch with you. As usual, no one sees your email address except me.

The giveaway ends Monday, March 9 at noon. Using a random generator I will pick one comment, and email the gift code.

Because pimping and sex toys go hand-in-hand pretty please in pink vibrators pimp this post out. Tweet it. Blog it. Email your friends. Do whatever you can to get the word out. Let’s do this thing!

Go comment right now. You know you want a free sex toy!  Thanks to Eden Fantasy’s for making this possible!