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BlogHer Countdown (Alternate Title: Countdown to boozy weekend with lots and lots of women. No I won't take naked pictures. You perverts)

I leave for BlogHer one month from today. I wasn’t stressed out until I wrote out my ‘to do’ list:

1) Lose ten pounds so no one has to see pictures of my ham arms all over the Internet and wonder why there weren’t Mormon funeral potatoes served with the ham.

2) Find someone to design a new blog header and business cards. This stresses me out beyond belief. Design work makes my brains explode, which would NOT make a cute design. Only zombie lovers like that shit.

3) Magically fix my dog’s rotten ass so I can find someone that will agree to watch her while I’m gone. No one will volunteer to keep a dog that can melt skin with her farts.

4) Figure out what clothing to pack. I don’t understand why pants are required in public. It would be a lot easier if I could wear my pajamas the entire weekend. Seriously, BlogHer planners, wouldn’t a giant girly sleepover party be more fun?

I’m only allowing myself to worry about four things. The rest will fall into place. And if it doesn’t? Well too bad. I’ve got school and work to stress about.

Here’s what I’ve done with my list so far:

1) Jillian Michaels is working my ass every single day but so far the only thing lost is my will to live.

2) I found someone who will design something I love, but she’ll also get it done quickly. Yay for Alma Loveland’s design work! Use her. Worship her. Do not send her chocolate. That you can send straight to my mouth. OK, so I think we figured out why I’m not losing weight.

3) I’ve only made Daisy’s ass worse by switching her food. If you live in the greater Salt Lake area and you smell something disgusting that is not the lake. That is Daisy. Sorry.

4) I had planned on wearing jeans and tee shirts the entire time, but I was lucky enough to find a clothing saint. Heather from Fawn Boutique has agreed to come pick through my closet and find just the right outfits to take. What she doesn’t know is all she’ll find is black shirts and jeans. I can’t wait to see what surprises she has in store. (Heather if you’re reading this please bring magic. You’re going to need it.)

Two out of four isn’t bad. I’m halfway through my list, people! I totally deserve a drink.


  • I liked what I saw on that designer girls site. Do you have a rough idea what she charges? I need a blog designed.

  • Sarah…can you PLEASE put a disclaimer on any post that talks about dog smells? It makes me want to puke and then I’m too distracted to enjoy the rest of the reading.

    And as for pants, I’ve got one word for you: Lady GaGa. That bitch NEVER wears pants in public. I vote you go buy some leotards and hot tights STAT.

  • Yeah, I don’t get number four. What’s wrong with only wearing pajamas? DAMN THE MAN!!!

  • Holy crap! I can’t believe it’s only a month away. Guess I should start eating more salads and less greasy food. It’s going to be a blast! Can’t wait to share a bed with you…I mean go to Blogher with you. ;)

  • Have you tried a Tablespoon (or so) of plain yogurt…or that fancy “regularis” type…added to her food?
    It helped my pug’s ass smell better, until I got lazy and didn’t stay stocked up on it anymore…it didn’t eliminate…but I quit handing out gas masks to my friends when they came over.

  • Ugh! Keep rubbing it in that YOU are going to BlogHer and I’m not. STUPID TICKETS! And I’m so close. Only 2 hours away. Sigh. Story of my life… so close yet so far…

  • If all fails – I think Daisy will love Summit Pet Care…she will be sleeping on the couch in the office probably and running around their house and outside in the mountain air (she may pollute it but it’s ok) – you take her own food. Kuba loved it even though he’s too hyper to be lucky and sleep on a couch – he was in a crate.

  • Wait, is she for hire because I need a personal shopper. I seriously cannot dress myself. I hate shopping and need someone to do it for me. All my clothes are old and I need new crap sooooo bad but I just can’t bring myself to go shopping. Grrrrr.

    Um, I can smell your dogs farts from here.

  • So ridiculously jealous. Seriously jealous. Almost can’t even talk about it jealous. (Wow, this is sort of starting to sound like that truly annoying Yoplait commercial.)

    I love Daisy. If I didn’t live completely across the country, I’d watch her.

  • Just a tip on the packing…ditch the jeans because it’s very humid here in July. Go find yourself some sun dresses, skirts with your t-shirts and sandals or wedges. You’ll thank me later.

  • Now I’m starting to panic about the things you brought up that I hadn’t thought about panicking about before! Eeeks.

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