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BlogHer Sugar Daddy Needed

Reading the BlogHer site today I noticed there is a student ticket price for the upcoming SF conference.  Umm, hello, why did I not know this?  I’ll tell you why, because Loralee is a horrible friend.  Trying to keep me from going on a trip to San Fran with her.  She’s totally fired and the only way I will forgive her is if she drives to SLC and wins back my love by having a lunch date with me.  Or if she finds me a roomie for the conference, preferably one that doesn’t suck.  I can swing the ticket price but the hotel room will kill my shoe budget.

Who out there is going?  Who out there needs a roomie?  Who do I have to sleep with to get a good place to stay?  Seriously.


  • I’d host you, but I live in Seattle.

  • Bitch and moan, bitch and moan!

    Ok, FINE! I’ll go out to lunch with you, GEESH!

    (The lengths you will go to to watch me masticate!!)

  • ok…loralee i am dying at your comment. i’m also glad you turned me on to sarah! or wait…i’m turned on TO sarah not BY sarah although she is quite the hottie! and i am not going to blogher unless someone can swing me a ticket from turkey. but sarah i would so totally love to be your roommate.

    and loralee…my husband told me not to say geesh anymore because of this…
    which made me want to say it even more!

  • @natalie … where I’m from, they call that the t’aint … ‘cos t’aint one and t’aint th’other …

  • Let me know if you run out of options.
    My boyfriend (who I am still open to trading for Daisy) works at fancy ass hotel here in SF. Because he is a dept director he can get sssuuupppeeerrr cheap room rates for friends and family. I imagine they meant that to include “internet strangers of girlfriend” in the deal. =) I can email you more info if you want. The hotel is in Union Square- (see also: 1/2 block from the Westin) and not some crack house in the Tenderloin.

  • I.will.never.say.that.word.again.


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  • I think we should start a collection cup. Seriously…you could bring in some bank!

  • I commented over on Loralee’s post.

    I’ve just started reading the both of you pretty recently, but as I said over there, send me an email if you’re still needing a roomie.

  • I have to check with my other roomie but we may have a spot…

    Email me if you still need it. headlessfamily(five)atgmaildotcom

  • I’m with JL, i fyou had a collection cup, I’d donate.
    However, I can’t offer you a room.. well I could.. but I’m in Iowa and that wouldn’t serve your purpose. ha ha ha

  • Okay, that word is gross. I had no idea.

    My roomies are my husband and kids, so can’t help you there. I’m staying at the Westin, but it’s the OTHER Westin. It’s just a few blocks away and far cheaper…not as fancy at the St. Francis, but it still has the heavenly beds and whatnot.

  • Loralee told me you aren’t planning on attending anymore, but if you change your mind (and, really, you should), I need a roommate as my former roommate is now unable to attend. And I do not suck. And I will bring wine.

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