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Boners Are News

While I was in D.C. over spring break I spent an afternoon at the Newseum. Total news boner! However, I was a little peeved they didn’t really discuss blogging as a news medium, but then I saw this:

Twitter!! All it takes is one technology boner and everything is instantly forgiven. Well that and seeing this:

Is Jesus being a stoner news? I didn’t read a lot of Bible stories so I’m not positive, but that long unwashed hippie hair sort of gives it away.


  • I love the quotation marks around “Twittering.” It’s like how we still have to capitalize the word “Internet” in AP style as if it’s some newfangled proper noun.

    We the newsmedia have perfected the art of lame.

  • i’m with erin – capitalizing “internet” is pretty ridiculous. (i wanted to sat “ludicrous”, but i didn’t want to google the spelling)

    if jesus was a stoner, it explains a lot about my mom’s evangelical church…

  • I wish the guys who wrote the bible were stoners! Imagine reading it through their eyes.
    “Then Jesus totally walked on water man. Dude I’m not making this up! It was wicked cool man.”

  • Jesus was a stoner. With the ultimate cure for munchies. Endless wine, bread and fish.

  • that is cool that they have the banner for bong hits for jesus. That court case is really interesting!

  • Boy, between you and The Bloggess, I’ve had my dose of The Jesus for the rest of 2009. I owe you one!! Thanks!!

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