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Boys are gross. Poop is even grosser.

My baby brother stopped by to show me how to start the lawnmower (MUCH more on that later this week). After performing his brotherly duties he walked into my house and announced he needed to use the bathroom.

“Chady don’t you dare poop in my house.”

“I am. Get over it.”

“NOOOO! Poop in the garage bathroom. I don’t want boy poop in my house.”

He headed to the upstairs bathroom and closed the door. I immediately called my mother.

“Mom, Chady is pooping in the house. Please make him stop.”

“Honey, is he pooping in the bathroom?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Oh good. At least he’s pooping in the bathroom, right?”

The conversation sort of ended there. I mean what do you say to that? Leave it to my mom to make me grateful that my brother poops in a toilet.


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