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Breakfast Worthy of a Drunk

bbbbb.jpgSince it’s the sabbath I decided to drink my caffeine cold to honor my Mormon upbringing. That’s mostly a lie, I was just too lazy to make coffee.I grabbed a can of Diet Dr Pepper out of the fridge, a handful of Girl Scout Cookies and settled on the couch to catch up on some TV. I opened the can, lifted it to my lips and took a sip. I instantly spat out the liquid. It wasn’t the sweet tasting soda I was expecting, it was a can of beer. I can’t justify a beer this early in the day, but I certainly don’t want to waste it. I guess if it tastes OK with cookies…Calm down mom, I don’t need the beer and cookie calories together. I’ll make Ben drink it.


  • Not only was it beer…but it was PBR. I don’t want to offend because the PBR was in your fridge…but damn…that’s enough to make anyone gag.

  • SRA & Lincoln: Yes, PBR. This is surprising since I don’t typically drink beer. When I went to Idaho last summer my brother, Ben, had me pick up a few cases of cheep beer for him. And somehow a couple cans got left in my fridge. They’ve been there nearly a year untouched. Guess that tells you a bit about my beer drinking habits.

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