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Broken Mug, Broken Heart

Saturday morning I was rushing to leave the house to pick Kelli up for brunch. In my haste I knocked a mug off the counter and it shattered.



The mug my mother gave me when I graduated high school and moved away. I’ve used it almost every single day since.

I picked up the pieces and gently placed them back on the counter where they sat for two days. Partly because I’m lazy, and partly because I’m sentimental as shit when it comes to anything my mom give me… with the exclusion of guilt trips.

Tonight I realized there was no way to fix the mug, so I sucked it up and threw it away. I felt sick afterward. SICK over a silly, little coffee cup.

The point? I’m not freaking dead inside after all. But I am really damn thirsty.


  • You cry over a coffee mug but not over a kid that died from cancer. Nope, you’re still dead inside. Love, your friend who cries over dead kids.

  • Meaning:Princess

    Def a perfect mug for you. So sorry for your loss!

  • Clearly, what is in order now is a guilt trip on your mother until she buys you a replacement mug.

  • Seriously, I wouldn’t have fixed it either. I am Super-Glue-impaired. No matter how careful I am, I ALWAYS end up gluing my fingers together like a retard.

    I have seen these mugs all over town. You can get a replacement and pretend it never happened, Princess ;-)

  • I hate it when that happens!
    When its sentimental, I’ll glue it back together and use it for a pencil or toothbrush holder.

  • such odd and harsh comments! the mug was an outward sign of your moms love for you. the guilt trip is her way of saying she cares. we older folks like to comfort ourselves in believing that we are wiser. the truth is we have been around longer to fail and to fuck up too! so that being said, cry your tears over your loss and thank god for your mom and for you! as for the rest cest le vie!

  • Bryan accidentally broke a bowl that was my grandmother’s this week. I know EXACTLY how you feel.

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