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Buzzing the Blog Giveway Winner

It’s after 5:00. You know what that means, right? Happy hour!

But first, let’s get down to business… naughty business–are you dying to know if you won the sex toy gift certificate? Well are you? I can’t hear you!

The winner is….


Hold on, there’s more.

The lovely Susan took pity on you sex-starved folks and has sponsored a bonus gift certificate to Eden Fantasys! I love that Susan. She’s the yin to my red wine yang, which is code for she’s a white wine wino. Plus she has a killer rack. Please swing over to her blog and thank her for being so generous!

Here we go! Are you excited? I am. Thanks to everyone who commented. There were 1,009 comments and that feels awesome!

The $65 gift certificate from Eden Fantasys goes to: comment 428 The Single Sister

The $65 gift certificate from Susan the wino goes to: comment 956 Tracie (if you have a blog email me the link and I’ll post it.)

Hugs and kisses to both Eden Fantasys and Susan for making this possible. I’ll email the winner soon with the prize codes. Enjoy your winnings! Just don’t tell me about it.


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