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Calanan Photo Project

Michael from Calanan Photography asked me to participate in his photo series “This is Their Place.” Truthfully I think he wanted just Daisy Dog, but knew I’d have to drive her so he kindly included me. Daisy and I had a nice sit down and discussed our favorite bacon flavored products as well as where in SLC felt like our place. I wanted our place to be the inside of a Shiraz bottle, but realized it might be a tight fit so settled for Daisy’s favorite place: Liberty Park, specifically the pond there. You can see the photos and read my essay here.

I’m glad I took part, even if the jerk dragged me out of bed at 8:00 am ON A FUCKING SUNDAY MORNING! For any locals I suggest you sign up for his project. He’s a great photographer and even comes prepared with water for your dog, because sometimes ditzy dog owners I forget those important little things.

Thanks Michael! Don’t be surprised if those photos pop up on my blog about section in the near future.


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