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Carter is Fired

My brother, Matt, called me yesterday. He rarely calls me, typically his wife is the one who calls. Despite being out to dinner with my other brother, Ben, I took the call thinking it may be an emergency.

Matt: “Thought I better call and inform you that your nephew is now a NASCAR fan, and he really wants to go deer hunting.”

Me: “That kid is fired! I need a replacement nephew. I liked it much better when Carter liked Dancing with the Stars. Seriously, you and Holli better get knocked up ASAP and give me a different nephew. Or else.”

Matt laughed, but little does he know I am not kidding. NASCAR? Unacceptable. I’m not too worried about the deer hunting bit. Carter is such a sweet, sensitive little tyke there’s no way he’ll grow up and kill animals. He’s terrified of my dog, and she’s tiny. It would be difficult for him to get close enough to an animal to kill. But this NASCAR thing, is very serious. I HATE IT! His obsession with cars is understandable, he’s a boy kid. However, I think the love of cars needs to stop at his race car bed.

Also, spending time with his uncle Ben needs to be limited, and with adult supervision. Otherwise Carter will grow up with a mullet and drink beer in cans. I can’t think of anything worse.


  • I’ve never understood NASCAR.


  • You sound like the girl at Iggy’s who told us “we only show real sports” when we asked if the race was on.

    Needless to say, I’ve not graced Iggy’s door since.

    You may not like it, but it is a sport. Just like I don’t understand curling, but it is a sport.

    (that remark aside, very funny post).

  • Stop hating on NASCAR!

  • left turn, left turn, left turn, crash, fist-fight, left turn, left turn, hank williams, left turn, left turn, left turn, spit tobacco juice, left turn, left turn, drink crown & coke because it is a special occasion, left turn, left turn.

    I see the attraction.

  • I was trying to decide the other day which I like less; NASCAR, Soccer, or womans basketball. NASCAR it is, and it is not a sport, not that I think it is not difficult, but it is not a sport.

    Great comments, el.

  • Loralee: Agreed. Although, if Oily Boy wanted to watch it I wouldn’t mind. At all!

    Anon: Suddenly I don’t hate Iggy’s quite so much.

    Anon: NEVER!

    El Viajero: Please stop making it sound so appealing. I would like to continue on in my hate.

    Scott: You had to go and bring up women’s basketball didn’t you. As if I’m not attacked enough on my blog…

  • Direct response from the mother:

    I am NOT getting knocked up.
    I do NOT plan on getting knocked up any time soon.
    I do NOT have a son that loves deer hunting or nascar.
    Did I mention I’m NOT getting knocked up?

    You should consider the source of the phone call (ie: Matt) and not believe everything your he says. :)He only has influence on the weekends and believe me, I do my best to brain wash Carter into loving animals and hating anything related to NASCAR (I’m ok with his “Lightening McQueen” fascination for the time being) in the mean time.


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