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Love is Weird

Saturday afternoon, Chris and I were driving home after grabbing lunch. In an attempt to make idle conversation Chris asked, “What will you do someday when I die?” Because I’m SUCH a romantic, I didn’t skip a beat and said,”Kill myself, obviously. What will you do when I die?” He looked at me, as if in deep thought and said, “Probably build something.”

Um, WTF, build something? I guess that’s fine, as long as it’s a shrine to me.

The Sleeping Habits (or lack thereof) of Rosie Finlinson (aka Asshole Puppy)

Saturday night Chris and I went to a friend’s house for the evening, where he regaled us with Rosie Finlinson stories.

She’s absolutely the worst dog at night; if she’s on the floor she wants in bed with us. If she’s in bed with us, she wants us awake and does everything she can to make it happen.

In hopes of getting our friends to truly understand what we deal with each night, we act out the scene.

You really have to watch this video to feel our pain.

Chris Deserves a Trophy

Chris knew what he was getting himself into by marrying me. We’d been friends for a few years before dating, and we lived together for months before he proposed. Yet sometimes I can’t help but wonder if he’s really ready for a lifetime of my shit.

Case in point, we were talking about technology and entertainment a few days ago when he said, “I can’t believe Blockbuster is still around. How is that possible?” To which I replied, “I can’t believe I haven’t had sex with Wolf Blitzer yet.”

Well, maybe he IS ready for a lifetime of my shit because now that I think about it, my comment didn’t phase him and he continued talking about technology, and probably space. I’m not so sure, because I was too busy wondering what kind of stamina Wolf had to actually listen to him.

Finding My Mojo

This blog holds so many dating/relationship stories, and I’m so glad I have it. Sadly it doesn’t chronicle anything from my most recent relationship. The relationship that matters the most…. with Chris, you know that guy I MARRIED!

I was so busy falling madly in love, that I sort of forgot to write everything down. Sure there are tweets and Facebook updates, but that’s not the same. Oh and there’s our wedding blog, but that doesn’t begin to cover the awesomeness that was dating Chris.

So now, I am forcing myself to start blogging again. Who cares that I lost my creative mojo, it’s time to start writing again. I’ll find my mojo… or I won’t, either way I want to remember life shit.