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Celery is the New Crack

I have an obsessive personality, so it should come as no surprise that my pug does as well. A case in point is her romance with my Hello Kitty toaster.

Her latest fixation is with celery. Weird, right?

In an effort to eat healthier I recently stocked my refrigerator with fruits and vegetables. One night as I chopped veggies for a salad I accidentally dropped a stalk of celery on the floor. Daisy snatched it right up and ran. I shrugged my shoulders and let her.


Now, every night when I come home Daisy barks and whines at the refrigerator until I provide her with the desired celery crack. I don’t think celery will hurt her, and truth be told my voluptuous pug could stand to lose a pound or two. Not to mention she’s freaking adorable wandering around the house with a stalk of celery hanging out of her mouth.


  • Haha, damn. That shit is cute.

  • As long as she doesn’t fight me for the bloody mary that is almost always attached to my celery, we could hang.

    She is really adorable. I would love to grace her with one of the collars from the shop. Let me know when you are coming to town!

  • it probably won’t hurt her to have an occasional piece, but you might want to keep the pieces and de-string the celery. If the strings are too long, they might not digest well and could potentially upset her stomach.

    Oh and while we’re talking about our pet’s weird food cravings, one of our cats loves, loves, LOVES fresh tomatoes. Go figure.

  • kuba is into romaine lettuce – maybe daisy will start liking him a little bit more…but she probably decided right from the start that he could never replace kobie and sticking with that idea. lil c thinks she looks cute with the celery stick :)

  • Haha, pets are weird. I had a cat that would go crazy over roast pumpkin. And another one that really loved rice.

  • She looks like a teeny little sqooshy vegetarian pirate.

  • my basset hounds stalk me for corn on the cob….but won’t touch corn off the cob.


  • Although my dog likes celery, he doesn’t paw at the refrigerator for it like he does for cheese or doggie oreo cookies.

    Can Daisy come and tell him all about how much cooler celery is?!?

  • Holy crap that is adorable!

  • My Therapist AKA my Lab Puppy Lexi is into baby carrots – I cannot open the fridge without her nose being right there. Even if she is asleep across the room her radar ears are plugged into the sound of the fridge door.

  • That made me smile!

  • Awwwwww. That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

  • Henry loves celeray and mini carrots, but I was sick of haing to glove up and pull the celery string out of his butt. So, I found that peeling the celery with a peeler elimnaed the need for that. We are all much happier now.

  • My dog’s “crack” is the whipped cream they give him at the Starbucks drive-thru. Now we can’t mention Starbucks without him heading for the car. As if our own Starbucks habits weren’t enough.

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