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Change is in the Air

I almost changed my vote to Obama because Andrew Shue (Billy Campbell) from Melrose Place was backing him, but then I came to my senses and remembered Melrose Place is and never will be Beverly Hills 90210. Since Jason Priestly didn’t publicly back a candidate my vote for Hillary Clinton was safe.

It felt good for my vagina and myself to vote for a woman.


  • So glad to see someone else who is “HOT for Hillary.” Thought I was the last one around.

  • I may not agree with your vote, but I’m glad you voted. Democracy is a beautiful thing.

  • its amazing we are such good friends…:)

  • sterkworks: She had my vote. It was a tough call, but voting for a woman just felt right.

    shad: I don’t expect anyone to agree with my vote. No worries.

    ashley: Nah, your taste in coats secured me for life.

  • You voted for someone because they had a vagina? Serious? Or do you just like the vagina? Perhaps that is the real reason you are single?

  • anon: Tell me, if you would, how that is any different than Mormons voting for a Mormon? Voting for a woman makes me a lesbian? That’s absolutely ridiculous.

  • They are both ridiculous reasons! The lesbian part was a joke! Mellow out! Maybe that is why you are single?

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