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Children & Slavery

Dear Stranger.

I did not mean to call your child fat. I really didn’t. You only heard part of my comment. You heard, “Oh my god, look at that chubby kid!”

What I said was, “Oh my god, look at that chubby kid. He is soooooo cute! I want to steal him, take him home and have him terrorize my dog while bringing me drinks and changing the TV channel for me.”

If I hadn’t driven away so quickly you would have heard the entire thing. Sure you would have still glared at me, but for a very different reason. You’d have been upset I wanted to kidnap your child and turn him into a slave. However, at least you would have known I thought he was cute enough to turn into a slave.



  • Maybe one day you can have a chubby kid for a friend and I will be lucky enough to find my midget friend. We are both on a similar quest, maybe one of us can find a chubby midget kid friend and we can share?

  • My kid is both cute and chubby…And he’s at that age when it is “super fun” to be helpful…
    Does that make me a bad mom or a lucky mom? 😉

  • Fantastic blog I will be adding you to my blog roll!

  • I believe you meant “heard” and not “heart”… damn spell check, works too damn well. Keep up the good work, you make me smile.

  • There for a minute I thought the ability to embarrass yourself was a Scorpio type of thing, but the more I read you the more I realize you’re on a level all your own. Nice work!

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