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Child's Play

I absolutely love Wilco, yet I’ve never heard them play. Sad, right? Not to fret my lovelies, they are coming to SLC this summer!

So when a guy I recently met mentioned buying tickets and having us go together I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel. Obviously it would be fun to go with him, but the concert isn’t until mid-August. The concert will, without a doubt, sell out fast. So do I want to risk saying yes and then if we aren’t still hanging out be stuck without a ticket? Hell to the no. I kid you not about my love of Jeff Tweedy. But then I also don’t want to risk offending him, since he seems like a pretty cool guy. Ahhhhh, what to do??

At dinner last night he mentioned his age. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but I thought he was older than he really is. He’s 28, which is a whopping four years younger than me. FOUR WHOLE YEARS! This guy is a kid; he’s in his 20s!! I’m sure he’d mentioned his age, but as you can see by all my editing mistakes on this blog… I suck with small details. With this newfound knowledge my decision is made: I’m buying my own ticket. I can’t risk him outgrowing me before the concert.

And if that’s not enough to make me a bitchy person, I bring you my latest foot in mouth moment…

Yesterday while getting on the elevator, my CUTE! polka dot shoes nearly made me trip. The two men in the elevator looked at me curiously and I said, “Sorry, it seems like I’m having a gimp day.” Neither man said a word to me, and went back to their conversation.

Two floors later the elevator stopped and they stepped out, one walking with a VERY distinct limp. The other man turned and gave me the look of death. Great. Just great. I’ve moved from offending Republicans to the handicapped.


  • I’m 30, and my fiance is 22.

    I definitely recommend the cougar experience – at least once in your life.

  • You are wise to buy your own ticket. Nuff said.

    About the inserting of your foot into your mouth.. I can top it (I think)..

    My team leader at work has an artificial leg. There’s this woman in the office next to us who is in a wheel chair but she doesn’t wheel around with her hands/arms.. she pulls herself around with her feet. So I tell my coworker “I don’t get it. If she can do that why can’t she just walk?”
    Mary (coworker) said “I think if you buy a wheelchair, even though you don’t need it, you get a free handicap parking spot.” Then she realized she had said it rather loudly and our team leader sits right around the corner. Faux pas to the max!

    Have a good day. It has to get better, right? Ok, maybe not.. but we can always hope.

    Reminds me of another story -
    my mom used to do the sweepstakes, the one with that actor guy whose name I can’t remember. One night (we were kids) at the dinner table she’s talking about winning and we are laughing at her under our breath. My little sister Jennifer (was about 5 at the time) slammed her fist on the table, stood up and said “In this family we have hope” to this day I about wet my pants laughing about that one!

  • K.. I know this is the 1st comment that I have posted EVER..but I have known you for quite some time. 28 Sarah??!! That is NOT that much younger than you!! Think of it this way..he will be able to keep up with you in more ways than one..!!! (you know my secrets..)

  • I think it really depends on the guy. Does he act like a kid, does he have his shit together? That kind of thing is more important than age. If he’s cool then go for it. Why not? I’d buy my own ticket just in case, you can always sell it later if you need to.

  • Oh man that gimp thing is so something I would do! It would have been funnier if that guy said, “That’s ok, I have a gimp day everyday!” I find that people are a lot happier if they can laugh at themselves.

    Anyway, completely ignoring the age issue, I think it’s wise to buy your own ticket now. Just tell him if you’re still hanging out then, then you’d be happy to go together, but that August is so far away from now you can’t really predict it. Never hurts to be honest.

    Now un-ignoring the age issue, I think I might have an issue going for a guy younger than me simply because guys mature much slower than girls. MUCH SLOWER. MUCH. But other than that, age usually isn’t an issue for me. Two of my best friends are 10 years older than me, for instance.

  • SRA has a valid point. Men do mature slower than women. Keep that in mind. I’d like to know what he thinks of you. Does he know about this blog? If so is he cool with you living such a public life? That would be hard for me. Luckily my wife doesn’t blog.

  • And maybe I just haven’t told HIM about it either ;)

  • The age thing isn’t so bad as long as he’s a good guy. Dating a man who is ACTUALLY younger has to be easier than dating a man who is older, but looks like he’s about 25, when you’re not even 30 and prematurely gray.

  • Ah, Wilco. I will be in the crowd. Lucky I’m a Red Butte member and can get my tickets early, eh?

  • You are 32? I haven’t been following this blog for that long (by the way I am addicted now). But I wouldn’t think of you as being 32. You act much younger than that, and that is not meant in a bad way. This opinion is coming from me, another 28 year old. So it might even be possible that you two are on the same level. Just a thought.

  • p.s. I love Wilco too!

    I hope you have an awesome time if you make it to the concert!

  • I have a lot to say about the whole age issue. Men do mature much slower than women, trust me. There’s (on average) about a 5-year difference. Obviously it’s different from person to person, but that’s a good average. This would make your guy 23 in guy-years.

    It works better the other way. For instance, the oldest girl I’ve ever dated was 25. I think that’s a good age for me, because I’m so young at heart. Er… yeah.

  • Another new, addicted reader! In dog (Daisy) years, the age difference isn’t all that bad! :)

  • Oh my gosh that is SO EMBARRASSING!

  • Dude, that guy was probably faking. ;-)

  • The handicapped, or disabled, or whatever PC term is currently in vogue, do not get offended by jokes or comments. You will hear some of the funniest and foulest things at a Murderball tournament.

    Their friends and companions on the other hand…

  • Sarah, hedge your bet with the concert tix. Say yes to the kid and have him buy you a ticket. Also buy your own ticket now. If you aren’t hanging out with him when the concert rolls around, you can still go (without him). If you are, then sell the ticket you bought. You can use the extra cash to maybe buy him something shiny and new from Toys ‘R Us.

  • “gimp day” now that is old school! you need to learn what the kids are saying these days if you are going to be dating them…. and don’t talk to me about old!!

  • Sarah…hello I would totally still date the younger guy, but not take him to the concert. You sound like a huge fan & you want to have a REALLY good time-who knows by then, but I don’t think his age should be a factor yet if you are clicking.

  • You could always make RLO buy two tickets, then if it doesn’t work out, go with him.

  • Ok here is what you do – you agree to go with the guy and have him buy you a ticket and you will ALSO buy your own ticket. As the date gets closer and it seems like you will still be going with him you will resell your ticket that you bought and probably end up with more money than you bought it for because your right in the fact it will sell out. Than with the money you sold your ticket for you can buy a t-shirt or something like that.

  • Your blog is moderatly interesting and slightly above average


  • “Slightly above average?” Who is this asshole? Bitter ex?

  • I’m reliving that story I told you at lunch with “Lt. Dan” and “Magic legs’

    SOOOO happy to know things like this happen to other people. (HEE)

  • Saw your twitter…

    I love that you are honest enough to bitch about not being a morning person…. it lets me know I’m not alone.

  • Wilco FTW! Their show in Grand Junction last week was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

    Here was the setlist.

  • laugh out loud funny, unfortunate situation, but oh so funny

  • you cant go to Wilco with him, because you, along with all the other girls will have their attention in one place – with Tweedy. He doesnt stand a chance and may get annoyed and/or jealous. plus you’ll have more fun if you can drool without him there.

  • It is pretty sad that you refer to someone who has a disability as “handicapped”. How ignorant.

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