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Cookies or Bust

Tales of Wit and CharmI am a woman obsessed. I’ve been stalking small children on the street, girl children to be specific. I need Girl Scout cookies! I no longer work for a company where parents peddle cookies for their children. I’m thinking about quiting my current job and searching for one with sugar benefits.

The Yuppie works for a company with sugar benefits. He scored me two boxes of my very favorite cookies: Samoas. (I think I ate my weight in Thin Mints a few years ago so I had to find a new favorite.) This was very sweet of him… mmm… sweet like cookies, but I probably won’t see him until Friday. My sweet tooth will not wait patiently until Friday. So, I decided to stalk every grocery store in a 10 mile radius of my house. Finally, today, I found a grocery store with small girl children and cookie boxes. Yay! While I stood in line waiting for my turn, I calculated how many boxes I could justify without having to make an extra trip to the gym.

Then something tragic happened… they were out of Samoas! I panicked and asked for anything chocolate. Nadda. All they had left was some sort of shortbread bullshit. Trying to avoid a string of expletives in front of the children I bit my lip. It bled. And let me tell you, blood tastes nothing like the perfection of vanilla cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with chocolate strips. Nothing!


  • I totally thought about getting you some and bringing them to lunch. I need to hunt some down too, Ryan failed me this year.

  • How funny you posted this today! I’ve been eating samoas and thin mints all day and I’m ready to burst. Don’t worry my friend, I’ve eaten enough for an army…I’ve got your back!

  • I don’t know what part of the city you life in, but the Smiths on 900 east and 900 south had them when I was shopping yesterday. I saw a large variety so I would guess you can get your favorite.

  • I got my box of samoas and my box of thin mints last monday. The samoas didn’t make it past wednesday. I still have about 5 thin mints. Just make sure that you don’t pay more than $3.50 per box. Some sellers like to charge $5 and pocket the difference. And I thought girl scouts were supposed to have morals.

  • i’m a lurker and this was your best post eva! i love me some Samoas and hate that they changed the name to some pc bullshit!

  • The shortbread ones aren’t that bad.

  • Um, I was eating Samoas ICe Cream all night long!! Settle for that.. its the best of both worlds and the store have it! 🙂

  • Melliferous Pants

    Ergh, I want cookies!

  • I still have four boxes of Samoas left if you’d like some.

    The Harmons out by me had girl scouts selling them too. I’ll grab you a few boxes if you’d like.

  • Hm… all in all I’m agree with you, but your readership… what are they gonna say about it?

  • I think there’s nothing wrong with people, who say whatever they want. It’s just there way of communication, I think

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