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Daisy's Nutty Behavior

My dog, Daisy, has met her match.  A feisty little chipmunk I have named Damian. This animal is the bane of Daisy’s existence.

Every evening when I get home, I open the sliding glass door to my balcony and let Daisy lounge around, watching people out for their evening walks.  She rarely makes any noise.  For a pug owner this is heavenly.

A few days ago, while she was outside I heard a high-pitch whiney noise and what sounded like scratching noises. I went outside to find a chipmunk perfectly balanced on the balcony railing.  Daisy was going insane; I imagine she wanted that chipmunk as much as I want a boyfriend made out of lavender-flavored chocolate.

Damian, the devil chipmunk, could have easily climbed back onto the roof and down the side of the house, but ohhh no.  This little guy wanted to torture Daisy, and thereby torture me.  I brought her back inside and closed the door behind us.  Damian saw the safety in this and scurried closer to the door, making my dog loose her mind.  This went on for an hour before I finally opened the door and shooed the furry little fucker away.

This one night created a new nightly routine for my neurotic little household.

Now, the minute I get home Daisy doesn’t want to go outside for a walk, she wants to stalk her new obsession.  She whines and scratches the door until I let her out onto the balcony, where she patiently waits for Damian.  He always shows up, and the barking and whining continues until I bring her back inside.  At that point, if I listen very closely I swear I can hear a devilish little laugh.  I hate nature.


  • I know that is not funny when it’s happening to you…
    but that is a hilarious story!

    Brought back images of things I’ve seen on “Dog Whisperer”. LOL!

  • only you and daisy…

  • There are fine recipes for squirrel here: http://www.backwoodsbound.com/zsquir.html

    Just sayin’.

  • The squirrels that live in my parents back yard have been torturing their six cats for years. The cats though are too lazy to actually chase them back up the trees and the squirrels know this so the teasing continutes.

  • If she had opposable thumbs, she wouldn’t need to whine and scratch at the door, she could simply Twitter about the “annoying fucking little chipmunk that thinks he’s funny”. Can you imagine if YOU weren’t able to Blog or Twitter your frustrations, OMG, the shoes and furniture you would destroy. Of course, I suppose if she did have opposable thumbs, she could just open the door and tear Damian’s throat out.

  • A chimpmunk? Is that like a squirral? Could you eventually see Daisy crossing that fine love/hate divide and having little baby pug/squirral babies that you could sell for thousands because of their rarity? That would be AWESOME!

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