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Dating is a Bitch–Part Three

Sitting in the dark movie theater waiting for the movie to start Non-Troll’s phone rang.  It was on silent mode since we were in a theater, but it lit up and I could see someone was calling him.  ANNOYING!

“I hate your phone.”

“Really, why?”

“It’s always ringing.  But don’t feel special because I hate everyone’s phone.”

“I hope I’m never special.”

“Oh honey, you never will be.”


At that point he leaned over and kissed me hard in the middle of the theater.  Any man who can find my abrupt Sarah-speak cute, is a man I plan on keeping around–at least throughout the remainder of the summer.


  • At least he did not answer the phone!

    The question is.. how well does he kiss?

    It is in the kiss you know!

  • He sounds sweet! Okay…Scott is actually headed up there for work this Friday and staying for a week. I will be up in August around the 15th or so, and Scott will be coming back then as well. Why no drinks in Oak City? Oh, yeah. It’s probably b/c alcohol is not allowed there. God frowns on boozers.

  • yes, you should keep him around the remainder of summer – but definitely rethink things come fall.

  • Madame Bellum, I apologize for “woowoo”ing in the Elevator. I knew it was your Mother; I was merely cheering on your daring intrafamily love.

    I also must apologize for calling Non-Troll’s phone during Savage Grace. He is still listed, in my phone, as “Troll Doll”, which comes right before “Trollpop Assstein”, a dearest friend of mine. He is now listed as “Non-Troll”, directly proceeding “Neilstein, Sarah”. I am glad, however, that my mistake was received so well.

    Many, many apologies, and everlasting cheers in your remaining month of romance :-( Any Neilson who can find my abrupt Trollpop-speak something he has grown accustomed to is a man I want to keep around!

  • It’s very obvious that you and RLo are in love. Just act on it.

  • Amy has a good point. Why aren’t you dating RLo? I’m sure the non-troll is a cool individual, but RLo seems to be a nice guy and hot to boot!

  • Amy has a good point, but I bring a better one. Once you are done with the appetizer that is this “Non-Troll” character and ready to fully invest yourself in the hearty meal of a real Trollpop, with a glass of Jangle and a sweet dessert of Stein, you and Cap’n Daisy know where to reach me ;-) Waste no time on ambiguously femenine, bike-riding RLo’s when a TRoll POp awaits with open arms and legs!

  • I thought RLo was more like a brother… – or at the very least, gay?

  • RLo sounds like a really nice guy and is also very handsome, but is he really gay? I am confused.

  • To clarify, RLO is not gay. I like to tease him about being gay because of his killer fashion sense, his fantastic cooking skills and his overall ability to be simply amazing.

  • everyone is right about dating RLO! hell I am kinda crushing on RLO. too bad i’m married.

  • I’m glad that you have found such a terrific person to spend time with (if only for the summer!) and I have to say–that scooter is FABULOUS! So cool!

  • How fun – Summer lovin!! You may want to consider keeping him around past summer and thru the end of the year as fall will be here before you know it and well that opens the doors for a playmate to share all that Holiday Cheer with.


  • still giggling… Cute! (Maybe even barfy-cute, which is totally and completely awesome)

  • I was kidding about RLo being Gay – because I know you joke about it.
    Kinda joking back.

  • did you go down on him in a theater? do you like references to bad early 90s songs that most of us would like to forget, though sometimes the only way to forget things is to go down on guys in theaters until the pain subsides?

  • Remainder of the summer=through the weekend.

  • I just want to be your friend SO bad. Honestly you are SO freaking cool. We have the same personalities and if I didn’t leave far far away from you, I swear I’d be stalking you so you’d be my friend.

    Hmm…ok that just sounded creepier than I meant for it to. Seriously, I just love your sense of humor. I read everyday (sometimes 2-3 times) to check for updates!

    When I grow up, I want to be cool like you!!!!!


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